Home News and Politics You Won’t Believe What Netanyahu Says About Israel-Hamas Ceasefire – National

You Won’t Believe What Netanyahu Says About Israel-Hamas Ceasefire – National

You Won’t Believe What Netanyahu Says About Israel-Hamas Ceasefire – National

‘Israel Strikes Hamas Tunnels as Fighting Continues in Gaza’

Israel launched attacks on Hamas gunmen in the extensive tunnel network beneath Gaza, rejecting calls for a ceasefire to address the humanitarian crisis. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the importance of targeting the tunnels as part of their mission to eradicate Hamas, following the group’s surprise attack three weeks ago. The Israel Defence Forces reported striking approximately 300 targets, including rocket launch posts and military compounds inside underground tunnels. Militants responded with anti-tank missiles and machine gun fire.

‘Arab Countries and U.S. Urge Israel to Delay Ground Offensive’

The United States and several Arab countries have called on Israel to postpone its ground operation, expressing concern over the increasing civilian casualties and the potential for a wider conflict. Despite these calls, Netanyahu stated that Israel would not agree to a ceasefire and would continue its mission to eliminate Hamas.

‘Humanitarian Crisis Deepens as Aid Access to Gaza Is Limited’

The ongoing conflict has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with civilians in desperate need of fuel, food, and clean water. Israeli airstrikes outside the Indonesian Hospital caused a power outage, endangering the lives of 250 injured Palestinians being treated there. Additionally, the damage to the Turkish Friendship Hospital has put cancer patients at risk. Water supply from Israel to Gaza has been cut off, exacerbating the dire conditions faced by the population. The limited delivery of humanitarian aid has led to civil disorder, with people storming UN warehouses in search of food. The UN agency for Palestinian refugees has reported that several aid distribution centers are now out of operation.

‘International Community Urges Ceasefire for Larger Humanitarian Operation’

The mounting death toll and deteriorating conditions have prompted international calls for a ceasefire to enable a larger-scale humanitarian operation. The World Health Organization has described the situation as a “disaster on top of a disaster,” stressing the urgent need for increased aid. However, Israel remains committed to its mission to eliminate Hamas and rejects calls for a cessation of hostilities.


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