Home Fashion You Won’t Believe Victoria Beckham’s Jaw-Dropping Favorite Shoe and Tights Combo for Winter!

You Won’t Believe Victoria Beckham’s Jaw-Dropping Favorite Shoe and Tights Combo for Winter!

You Won’t Believe Victoria Beckham’s Jaw-Dropping Favorite Shoe and Tights Combo for Winter!

Victoria Beckham Shares Her Favorite Footwear and Hosiery Pairing with New Monogram Tights

In a recent TikTok video, Victoria Beckham expressed her excitement about the launch of her highly anticipated VB monogram tights. She revealed that she had been wearing the samples for quite some time before they were finally released to the public.

Beckham explained how these tights have quickly become a staple in her wardrobe. She loves pairing them with various outfits, such as mini dresses and even trousers. She stated, “I feel that it’s my holiday uniform, whether I’m wearing the tights with a small dress/jacket like this, a midi-length dress, or with trousers and just showing the little foot part.”

Victoria Beckham in Paris in September© Instagram
Victoria Beckham loves to pair her tights with open-toe sandals

Despite the less-than-ideal lighting in her dressing room, Beckham was determined to showcase the intricate monogram detail of the tights. She highlighted their fashionable appeal and mentioned that they provide excellent support and shape the legs, making them incredibly flattering. Beckham also emphasized that the tights not only look chic but also offer a secure and comfortable fit, making them an essential addition to any winter wardrobe.

The New Hosiery Rule: Open-Toe Sandals with Tights

Traditionally, open-toe sandals and tights have been discouraged from being paired together due to a clash in aesthetics and functionality. However, Victoria Beckham, with her fashion expertise and impeccable style, has set a new trend. She showcased how effortlessly cool the combination of open-toe sandals and tights can look, stating, “I love a sandal with a tight, I think it looks very cool.”

Beckham’s fashion-forward approach challenges the unspoken “rule” and offers a perfect blend of comfort, style, and sophistication for the holiday season. With her endorsement, it’s safe to say that open-toe sandals and tights can now be confidently worn together.

So, it’s time to dig out your open-toe sandals and embrace this new hosiery rule set by Victoria Beckham.


Victoria Beckham has shared her favorite footwear and hosiery pairing with the launch of her VB monogram tights. She has proven that these tights are versatile and can be worn with various outfits. Additionally, Beckham has broken the traditional fashion rule of not pairing open-toe sandals with tights, showcasing how effortlessly cool the combination can look. It’s time to update your winter wardrobe with this new hosiery trend.


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