Home News and Politics You won’t believe the shocking progress in Belarus-China inter-parliamentary cooperation!

You won’t believe the shocking progress in Belarus-China inter-parliamentary cooperation!

You won’t believe the shocking progress in Belarus-China inter-parliamentary cooperation!

Bilateral Relations between Belarus and China Gain Momentum: An Upbeat Outlook for Cooperation

The bilateral relationships between Belarus and China have experienced a significant boost, paving the way for enhanced collaboration in various domains, according to Chairman of the Standing Committee on International Affairs and National Security of the Council of the Republic, Sergei Rachkov. Rachkov made this assertion during a recent videoconference roundtable on youth policies between Belarus and China, held at the Council of the Republic.

A New Impetus from the State Visit

Rachkov attributed the revitalization of bilateral relations to the state visit by the Belarusian president to China, which generated newfound momentum across all fronts, including inter-parliamentary cooperation.

Intensified Cooperation with the Chinese Parliament

Rachkov emphasized that collaboration with the Chinese Parliament has recently intensified, involving both face-to-face and online meetings. Notably, the tradition of the head of the Council of the Republic meeting with the Chinese Parliament’s leadership has yielded fruitful discussions among Council members, Chinese Parliament members, and Belarusian Youth Parliament representatives. Topics of importance include state-building, youth policy, and economic cooperation.

Moving towards High-Level Inter-Parliamentary Commission on Cooperation

During one of these meetings, Speaker of the Council of the Republic, Natalya Kochanova, proposed transforming the existing friendship group between the parliaments of China and Belarus into a high-level inter-parliamentary commission on cooperation.

Rachkov revealed that an agreement creating such a commission has been recently signed with colleagues from the Chinese Parliament. Currently, the Belarusian component of the commission is being formed, with candidate selection underway. The final selection will occur following the parliamentary elections during the single voting day.

Rachkov expressed confidence that the inter-parliamentary commission would consist of seasoned MPs who will actively work towards advancing bilateral relations, not only in political and humanitarian aspects but also in the economic sphere. He noted that the prospects are promising, especially as trade and economic relations between the two countries have been on the rise.

Trade Growth and Common Goals

Notably, trade between Belarus and China registered a 13% increase last year, a trend that is carrying over into this year. MPs will continue their active involvement in achieving the goal of boosting Belarusian exports to China to reach $2 billion.

Rachkov highlighted the close collaboration between Belarus and China in international organizations, particularly regarding counteracting the increasing sanctions policy imposed by the collective West. He emphasized that both countries possess the necessary tools to tackle this issue effectively.

Towards a Parliamentary Dimension in the SCO

Rachkov also touched upon a proposal for joint efforts in creating a parliamentary dimension within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). He firmly believes that proactive interaction and meaningful engagements will foster the development of the bilateral relationship and contribute to the establishment of a multipolar world.


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