Home Fashion You won’t believe how Ellie Goulding rocked the ‘no pants’ look with fishnet tights!

You won’t believe how Ellie Goulding rocked the ‘no pants’ look with fishnet tights!

You won’t believe how Ellie Goulding rocked the ‘no pants’ look with fishnet tights!

Ellie Goulding Rocks the ‘No Trousers’ and Fishnet Tights Trend Onstage in Paris

Ellie Goulding is known for her fearless fashion choices, and her latest onstage look did not disappoint. The British singer-songwriter took two major trends of autumn 2023 – ‘no trousers’ and fishnet tights – and combined them in a show-stopping ensemble at Le Bataclan in Paris.

Goulding’s outfit featured a grey sleeveless wool top with matching briefs, giving the ‘no trousers’ trend a relaxed and autumnal feel. She paired the look with chunky biker boots for an edgy touch.

Adding to the cool-girl vibe, Goulding opted for fishnet tights over plain sheer ones. The micronet fishnets, with their finer diamond pattern, are currently a must-have accessory. They perfectly complemented her stage look and added a touch of edginess.

This trend of ‘no trousers’ and fishnet tights has been seen on other fashion icons as well. Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez have both embraced the trend, giving it their own stylish twist.

The fashion shows earlier this year showcased variations of this daring trend. Emily Ratajkowski walked the runway in a stunning black and silver embellished blazer with no lower-half wear. Christian Siriano featured models wearing black boxy blazers with bold fuschia lapels paired with black underwear and tights. Dion Lee showcased the trend with knee-high boots.

When it comes to tights for the cold weather season, fishnets, lace, and pastel hosiery are currently major trends. Victoria Beckham has shown us how to style lace, while Maya Jama and Mia Regan have been championing fishnets. Anne Hathaway has used sheer tights to amp up the sophistication in her ‘girls night out’ looks.

Ellie Goulding’s complete cool-girl look is the epitome of autumn 2023 fashion-forward style. With her effortless experimentation and fearless attitude, she continues to keep us captivated with her outfits. The combination of ‘no trousers’ and fishnet tights proves that she is a true fashion guru.

So, if you’re looking to make a statement this season, take a page out of Ellie Goulding’s style book and rock the ‘no trousers’ and fishnet tights trend with confidence.


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