Home News and Politics Why The Journal desperately needs your support right now – you won’t believe what happens if we fail!

Why The Journal desperately needs your support right now – you won’t believe what happens if we fail!

Why The Journal desperately needs your support right now – you won’t believe what happens if we fail!

The Journal Launches Year-End Fundraising Campaign

The Journal began its annual fundraising campaign yesterday, and you can expect to see reminders of it throughout our site.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, this means you’ll receive more emails than usual. However, once you make a donation, we’ll remove you from the email list!

Why Your Support Matters

We wanted to take a moment to explain why your support is crucial at this time.

Producing The Journal requires financial resources, with an annual expenditure of approximately $400,000 to cover our operations.

We have chosen to keep most of our content free, without paywalls, and by distributing our print magazine widely. We believe it’s important to make information accessible to as many people as possible, positioning them for leadership.

To sustain this strategy, we rely on the committed individuals who support the vision of building a public square.

Our Solid Foundation and Growth

The Journal is published by the Kansas Leadership Center and receives essential support from the Kansas Health Foundation. However, to expand further, we need to generate our own revenue.

We have experienced significant growth over the past year. From having only one full-time employee, we now have four, as Kathy Lefler joins as a project coordinator for the Wichita Journalism Collaborative, a coalition of 11 media and community groups we organize.

We are exploring various strategies to expand our revenue while ensuring our content remains reader-centered. This includes pursuing grants and establishing partnerships with sponsors. However, grants are limited, and our priority will always be to keep our readers’ interests as our guiding light.

Your Support Matters

For The Journal to thrive, we need readers who believe in our mission and are willing to provide financial support. Whether it’s a big or small contribution, every donation matters.

Moreover, now is an excellent time to give, as any gift made from now until Dec. 31, up to $1,000, will be tripled. If you become a monthly donor, your gift will be matched 24 times. This is made possible through NewsMatch, a national program, and the generosity of local donors.

Your donation enables us to do more, including hiring more journalists, covering additional stories, featuring diverse communities, hosting thoughtful discussion events, and amplifying more voices.

If we haven’t won your support yet, please let us know how we can, as we are committed to serving you. We particularly need your support now, more than ever, in building a vibrant public square.

About the Author: Chris Green

Chris Green is the executive editor of The Journal. His work blends the techniques of investigative, data, civic, and solutions journalism to provide trustworthy information that fuels impactful dialogue. He began his career with Kansas newspapers, first covering local government and then the Kansas Legislature. These days, he draws on a wide range of influences to shape a nationally award-winning publication that productively tackles hot-button issues.

Chris, a native Kansan and graduate of Baker University in Baldwin City, also holds a master’s degree in international politics from Scotland’s University of Edinburgh. Together with his wife Sarah, he enjoys exploring both within and beyond Kansas, and they have embarked on a quest to visit all 50 U.S. state capitols. They are proud parents to Calvin, born in 2018.

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