Home Music Warren Haynes Spills the Beans on Jaw-Dropping New Gov’t Mule Project! Unveils Mind-Blowing Mule Albums and Shocks Fans with Surprising Songwriting Plans! You Won’t Believe What He Reveals in This Exclusive Interview!

Warren Haynes Spills the Beans on Jaw-Dropping New Gov’t Mule Project! Unveils Mind-Blowing Mule Albums and Shocks Fans with Surprising Songwriting Plans! You Won’t Believe What He Reveals in This Exclusive Interview!

Warren Haynes Spills the Beans on Jaw-Dropping New Gov’t Mule Project! Unveils Mind-Blowing Mule Albums and Shocks Fans with Surprising Songwriting Plans! You Won’t Believe What He Reveals in This Exclusive Interview!

Gov’t Mule’s Latest Album, Peace … Like A River: A Journey Through Blues and Psychedelia

Gov’t Mule, the renowned southern blues rock band, is known for their surprises. From covering Pink Floyd to introducing obscure blues tracks, they constantly push the boundaries of their sound. Their 12th studio album, Peace … Like A River, released in June, showcases their musical exploration and continued evolution.

Recorded concurrently with their 2021 album, Heavy Load Blues, Peace … Like A River delivers a mix of peaceful melodies, psychedelic adventures, and bluesy tracks. The album features collaborations with musicians such as Billy Gibbons, Ruthie Foster, and Ivan Neville, adding their unique voices to the mix.

Founder, guitarist, and songwriter Warren Haynes explains that Gov’t Mule started as a one-off project but evolved into something much greater. The band has weathered challenges, including the loss of co-founder Allen Woody and Haynes’ departure from The Allman Brothers, to establish themselves as a lasting force in the music industry.

The band is currently on tour, with plans to bring their music to Europe in November before embarking on their 30 Years Strong Tour in February. Haynes, in a recent interview, discusses the recording process for Peace … Like A River, the influence of gospel music on his work, his musical connection with Derek Trucks, and a special encounter with Eric Clapton.

Unveiling a Double Album: Peace … Like A River and Heavy Load Blues

Haynes reveals that the recording sessions for Peace … Like A River and Heavy Load Blues were intertwined yet separate. The band recorded the albums during the day and focused on blues tracks at night. Haynes explains that playing blues after a day of working on complex arrangements provided a refreshing change and allowed them to let loose.

A Personal and Reflective Album

Peace … Like A River is hailed as Gov’t Mule’s most personal album to date. Haynes shares that the introspective lyrics and soul-searching themes reflect the experiences and mindset of the band during the COVID-19 lockdown. While the album touches on the difficulties of the pandemic, Haynes consciously chose to address a variety of topics to avoid solely focusing on the negative.

Highlight Tracks and Collaborations

Haynes discusses the standout tracks on the album, including “Your Only Friend,” which features a moving guitar solo. He recalls playing the solo on a Les Paul given to him by Robby Krieger of The Doors. Another notable collaboration is with Billy Gibbons on the track “Shake Our Way Out.” Haynes explains that Gibbons’ presence added a distinct ZZ Top influence to the song.

Ruthie Foster, a talented and underappreciated singer, lends her soulful voice to the track “Dreaming Out Loud,” alongside funk musician Ivan Neville. Haynes praises Foster’s vocal abilities and recounts their first meeting during the recording of his album Man In Motion.

Influences and Musical Exploration

Gospel music, particularly black gospel music, has always influenced Haynes. He reveals that hearing black gospel music as a child ignited his passion for music. Haynes explains that gospel music laid the foundation for various genres, including blues, soul, and rock & roll. He acknowledges the significance of gospel music in his own work and its impact on the music he loves.

The band’s covers of Pink Floyd songs also demonstrate their musical exploration. Haynes describes Pink Floyd’s songs as brilliantly crafted and timeless. The unique combination of influences in their music exemplifies the power of collaboration and creativity.

The Musical Connection with Derek Trucks

Haynes and Derek Trucks share a deep musical connection that has grown over the years. Having been friends since Trucks was eleven years old, their musical bond allows them to anticipate each other’s musical instincts on stage and create transcendent musical moments. Haynes appreciates the hours they have spent together playing music and cites their connection as one of the highlights of his career.

The Continuation of Musical Evolution

Haynes aims to continue pushing the boundaries of his music by drawing inspiration from unfamiliar sources. He believes that creating something different from his previous work is essential as a songwriter and guitarist. He emphasizes the importance of constantly evolving and exploring new musical territories.

A Memorable Guitar Moment with Eric Clapton

Haynes shares a special guitar moment involving Eric Clapton’s guitar, which was used to record the iconic song “Layla.” During a performance at Madison Square Garden, Haynes and Derek Trucks played Duane Allman’s Les Paul, which was used in the recording of “Layla.” Clapton, recognizing the guitar from a distance, expressed his surprise and reminisced about the recording session. It was a memorable moment for Haynes and Trucks to be connected to such a legendary instrument and song.

The Early Days of Gov’t Mule

Haynes recalls the early days of Gov’t Mule, from their first gig at the Palomino in Los Angeles to their initial jam session with Matt Abts at Captain’s Cabin. The musical chemistry between Haynes, Abts, and co-founder Allen Woody convinced them to form a side project, which eventually grew into Gov’t Mule. Haynes reminisces about the impromptu inclusion of Son House’s “Grinnin’ In Your Face” on their debut album, revealing that it was a spontaneous decision during the recording session.

New Bass Player Kevin Scott

Haynes praises Kevin Scott, the band’s new bass player, for his exceptional skills and positive energy. Scott has seamlessly adapted to the demands of Gov’t Mule’s extensive repertoire and has become an integral part of the band.

The Future of Gov’t Mule

Looking ahead, Haynes expresses curiosity about the musical chemistry between the band members and how it will influence their future projects. Inspired by their current lineup, Haynes plans to write new Gov’t Mule songs and continue the band’s evolution.

As Gov’t Mule continues their musical journey, they remain dedicated to exploring new sounds and maintaining their distinctive style. With Peace … Like A River and their upcoming 30 Years Strong Tour, the band is poised to make their mark on music history once again.


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