Home Personal Development Unveiled: Jaw-dropping Secrets of Pharmacists’ Essential Training Needs in Ethiopia – You Won’t Believe What We Found!

Unveiled: Jaw-dropping Secrets of Pharmacists’ Essential Training Needs in Ethiopia – You Won’t Believe What We Found!

Unveiled: Jaw-dropping Secrets of Pharmacists’ Essential Training Needs in Ethiopia – You Won’t Believe What We Found!

Addressing the Crucial Need for Continuous Professional Development in Ethiopian Pharmacists

Training plays a pivotal role in improving skills, attitudes, and knowledge, ultimately leading to increased productivity and the adoption of new technologies[15]. To enhance proficiency, it is imperative to provide continuous training. Continuing professional development (CPD) is an ongoing cycle of learning and personal growth that occurs throughout an individual’s working life. International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) defines CPD as the responsibility of individual pharmacists to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes throughout their careers [19].

The Importance of CPD

CPD has become crucial for many professions as it reduces the learning curve and accelerates the practical application of knowledge. In healthcare settings, updated and revitalized services require regular upgrading of healthcare professionals’ skills, making CPD instrumental in this regard [20]. The requirements for professionals’ engagement in CPD vary across countries, ranging from mandatory to voluntary [18].

The Role of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia (MoH) is dedicated to enhancing the quality and standards of healthcare services in the country. As part of their health sector transformation plan, MoH identified strengthening CPD as a key strategic area for human resource development [8]. In line with this, the ministry issued a CPD directive and guideline for healthcare workers in 2018. The following year, the CPD system was integrated with health re-licensing process, making it mandatory for health professionals [8, 17].

Defining CPD in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, CPD is defined as a range of learning activities that help health professionals maintain and develop their capacity to practice safely, effectively, and legally within their scope of practice [17].

Addressing the Training Needs of Pharmacists

Pharmacists play a vital role in healthcare, and it is essential for them to be regularly trained in their specific areas of practice in order to fulfill their expanding roles effectively [22]. With the increasing demand for high-quality healthcare services, patients expect healthcare providers to continuously enhance their professional expertise. Therefore, assessing and understanding the training needs of the workforce is essential in instilling confidence and acquiring new skills that enhance preparedness at both individual and team levels within any organization. The ever-changing landscape of technology, persistent workforce shortages, growing disease burden, and resource constraints necessitate healthcare institutions to thoroughly evaluate the performance levels of their staff [2, 12, 17].

The Role of Ethiopian Pharmacists

The most frequently performed task category among Ethiopian pharmacists is medication dispensing, which is carried out by 76% of pharmacy professionals. However, pharmacists in Ethiopia are also involved in other areas of practice such as supply chain management, pharmaceutical care, drug information services, regulatory services, and other sectors of the profession [7]. The role of Ethiopian pharmacists is still under development and primarily focused on medication dispensing. Efforts are being made to amend the practice and academia of the pharmacy sector, aiming to establish the extended role of pharmacy, similar to other developed nations [10, 14, 16].

Addresing the Paucity of Data Regarding CPD Needs

The current study aims to address the lack of data regarding the CPD needs of Ethiopian pharmacists. As CPD is a new initiative in Ethiopia, it is crucial to generate evidence that identifies the specific CPD needs of pharmacists. This information will aid in the efficient allocation of resources to meet those needs, ensuring that pharmacists receive relevant and tailored education that directly impacts their professional practice [12, 17].

The Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association, in collaboration with partners, has taken the initiative to identify the CPD needs of its members. This effort is essential for the advancement of the pharmaceutical sector in the country and ensuring that pharmacists are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality healthcare services. By conducting this study, the aim is to gather evidence that will guide the development and implementation of CPD programs for pharmacists in Ethiopia.


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