Home Travel and Lifestyle Uncover the Mind-Blowing Paradise of Palm Springs’ Boutique Kirkwood Collection – Prepare to Be Amazed!

Uncover the Mind-Blowing Paradise of Palm Springs’ Boutique Kirkwood Collection – Prepare to Be Amazed!

Uncover the Mind-Blowing Paradise of Palm Springs’ Boutique Kirkwood Collection – Prepare to Be Amazed!

Experience the Mid-Century Modern Charm of Del Marcos Hotel in Palm Springs

Built in 1946 and designed by William F. Cody, F.A.I.A, the Kirkwood Collection’s Del Marcos Hotel is a stunning example of mid-century modern architecture. With its Frank Lloyd Wright-style design and breathtaking views of the San Jacinto Mountains, this Palm Springs gem offers a unique and nostalgic experience for adult travelers.

A Retro Oasis in the Heart of Palm Springs

Situated just one block from the vibrant Palm Canyon Drive in the historic Tennis Club neighborhood, Del Marcos Hotel provides a colorful and relaxing retreat for visitors looking to unwind and indulge in the nostalgic beauty of Palm Springs. The two-story hotel boasts 17 individually named guest rooms, each constructed using native stone and redwood materials.

Amidst the Desert Landscape: Julius Shulman Room

The Julius Shulman guest room, named after the renowned architecture photographer, offers guests an unparalleled view of the pool and San Jacinto Mountains. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a cloud-like king-size bed, this room provides a serene and picturesque setting for relaxation. In addition, the room features a fully equipped mid-century kitchen and a vibrantly styled bathroom with terrazzo flooring.

A Tranquil Oasis: Del Marcos Hotel’s Pool Area

Del Marcos Hotel boasts a U-shaped design centered around an expansive courtyard and a sun-heated swimming pool. Surrounded by towering palm trees, the pool area offers guests the perfect spot to relax and soak up the warm desert sun. In the evening, guests can enjoy the flickering fire pits while sipping on a nightcap.

Delightful Dining at Azúcar

Azúcar, the poolside restaurant at Del Marcos Hotel, treats guests to a chef-curated menu featuring fresh and flavorful dishes. From the watermelon, feta cheese, and pistachio salad to the locally grown dates stuffed with Marcona almonds, every item on the menu is a culinary delight. The restaurant also offers a variety of main courses, including the potato-crusted halibut and the Chef’s Pasta with penne noodles, pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes. Guests can enjoy their meals near the lit pool, at the bar, or in a semi-private dining space.

Experience the Palm Springs Bohemian Vibe at Sugar High Lounge

Located on the rooftop of Del Marcos Hotel, Sugar High Lounge offers guests a unique Palm Springs experience. With stunning 360-degree views of the San Jacinto Mountains and a cozy lounge area next to the fireplace, this rooftop deck is a popular spot for guests and locals alike. Guests can indulge in the full menu from Azúcar or simply enjoy cocktails and appetizers while taking in the mesmerizing starry night sky. Sugar High Lounge is open on a first-come, first-served basis and is also available for private parties.

Secluded Luxury at La Serena Villas

A stone’s throw away from Del Marcos Hotel is La Serena Villas, a historic Spanish-style resort with its own unique charm. The intimate resort features individual villas, a sparkling pool, spa, poolside restaurant, and a rooftop lounge. Each of the 18 secluded villas offers a luxurious king-size bed, a private patio with an outdoor claw-foot tub, fire pit, and built-in bench. For those seeking ultimate luxury, the Kirkwood Residence provides a one-bedroom villa with a kitchen, hot tub, and fire pit. Guests can relax by the pool or explore the beautiful grounds of La Serena Villas.

Whether you choose to indulge in the mid-century modern charm of Del Marcos Hotel or the secluded luxury of La Serena Villas, Palm Springs offers a rejuvenating and unforgettable getaway for adults. Surrounded by breathtaking desert landscapes and filled with nostalgic allure, now is the perfect time to escape to Palm Springs and bask in the warm desert sunshine.


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