Home News and Politics Unbelievable! Shocking Charges Filed Against Devon Town Councillor for Threats and Harassment – Must Read!

Unbelievable! Shocking Charges Filed Against Devon Town Councillor for Threats and Harassment – Must Read!

Unbelievable! Shocking Charges Filed Against Devon Town Councillor for Threats and Harassment – Must Read!

A Small Alberta Town Faces Challenges After Arrest of Longtime Municipal Official

A small town in Alberta is dealing with a difficult situation following the arrest and charges brought against a longtime municipal official. Anita Marie Fisher, a 62-year-old councillor with the Town of Devon, has been charged with uttering threats and criminal harassment on August 31, according to the RCMP.

The victim received numerous harassing and intimidating messages on their voicemail between July 31 and August 30, according to the Devon RCMP. Fisher has been remanded for 30 days and is scheduled to appear in court on November 2.

Mayor Jeff Craddock stated that Fisher has been unable to attend council meetings due to her incarceration. However, when she was available, she participated through video conferencing. The town has implemented various resolutions to ensure the health and safety of staff. Fisher has been removed from committees and boards, and communication with her is now limited to the town’s chief administrative officer.

Possible Disqualification and Petition

The town intends to adhere to the rules outlined in the Alberta Municipal Government Act and the Local Authorities Act. According to the Alberta Municipal Government Act, a councillor can be disqualified if absent for eight consecutive weeks or convicted of an offense punishable by five or more years in jail or certain offenses under the Criminal Code. It is also possible for constituents to petition for the removal of a municipal councillor.

Mayor Craddock clarified that the town does not possess the power to remove a councillor, but they would need to have a discussion with the council if such a situation arises. The mayor expressed the challenging nature of the situation, both professionally and personally. He acknowledged Fisher’s contributions to the council and the impact her absence has on decision-making, emphasizing the sadness of witnessing her struggles.

Concerns and Support for Fisher

The mayor stated that the town sympathizes with Fisher’s family and understands the difficulties they are facing. Fisher has served five terms as an elected official in the town and previously held the position of mayor. Mayor Craddock expressed his empathy for Fisher and the desire to see her overcome her challenges.

Despite the town’s limited authority in the matter, they remain committed to following the appropriate procedures and seeking guidance from Alberta Municipal Affairs to address concerns related to Fisher.


The arrest and charges against Anita Marie Fisher, a longtime municipal official in the Town of Devon, have put the small Alberta town in a difficult position. The town has implemented measures to ensure staff safety and is following protocols outlined in the Alberta Municipal Government Act. While the town cannot directly remove Fisher from her position, they are considering options in the event of disqualification. Mayor Craddock expressed support for Fisher and acknowledged the impact of her absence on the council’s decision-making process. The situation remains challenging for both Fisher and the town, and future steps will be determined through council discussions.

Disclaimer: This article is written based on the information available and represents the understanding of the events at the time of writing. For the latest updates, please refer to reliable sources.


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