Home Sports Unbelievable Secrets Revealed: Mind-Blowing Techniques to Keep Mustang Memorial Field Immaculate for Cal Poly Sports!

Unbelievable Secrets Revealed: Mind-Blowing Techniques to Keep Mustang Memorial Field Immaculate for Cal Poly Sports!

Unbelievable Secrets Revealed: Mind-Blowing Techniques to Keep Mustang Memorial Field Immaculate for Cal Poly Sports!

Cal Poly Football: Maintaining the Field for Victory

The Preparation Behind a Perfect Game

The excitement is palpable as Cal Poly Football bursts through the green inflatable tunnel onto Mustang Memorial Field, surrounded by swirling white smoke. Two majestic horses make their lap around the turf, setting the stage for an exhilarating game. But long before the crowd gathers and players take the field, Lead Groundsworker Miguel Torres and his dedicated team have meticulously prepared the surface for all events, whether it’s football, soccer, or even graduation.

A Green Transformation

In a commendable effort towards sustainability, Cal Poly made the decision to renovate the old grass field into a turf two years ago. With this transformation, Cal Poly administration and finance estimate that the artificial playing surface saves approximately 2.8 million gallons of water annually. This environmentally friendly choice also eliminates the need to constantly nurture and repair grass, allowing the grounds crew to focus on other essential maintenance tasks.

Daily Duties and Challenges

Each day brings new responsibilities for Miguel Torres and his team. One crucial task involves clearing the field of any trash or leaves to ensure the groomer can effectively flatten the black rubber pellets scattered across the turf. This process, known as grooming, must be carefully scheduled between football and soccer practices, presenting a unique challenge for the crew.

However, despite the scheduling difficulties, Torres admits that maintaining the artificial turf is generally easier compared to the demands of a natural grass field. One significant advantage is that FieldTurf comes with pre-painted lines, eliminating the need to repaint them for every sport. This convenience allows the lines to remain intact year-round, saving valuable time and effort.

Watering the Field: A Vital Task

Although artificial turf does not possess the natural cooling properties of grass, Cal Poly’s maintenance crew is well-prepared to tackle this issue. The field is regularly watered using fire hoses connected to the side of the stadium, helping to alleviate the heat. While the turf may be warmer than the surrounding air, the crew appreciates its durability and ability to withstand heavy rain. In fact, rain proves beneficial to the field, as it helps firm it up and showcases its exceptional drainage system.

Caring for More Than Football

The grounds workers’ responsibilities extend beyond Mustang Memorial Field. They also maintain the Upper Complex Sports Fields and Doerr Family Field, ensuring the same high-quality playing surfaces for intramural sports such as soccer, flag football, and ultimate frisbee. Regardless of the event, the grounds crew works diligently to provide exceptional conditions for athletes and students alike.

A Field Transformed, Maintenance Simplified

Miguel Torres, who has been working at Cal Poly since 2004, fondly remembers the days of natural grass on Mustang Memorial Field. However, he is grateful for the transformation to FieldTurf, as it significantly reduces the maintenance workload. Torres admits, “I don’t miss the maintenance,” emphasizing the benefits of the artificial playing surface.


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