Home Home and Garden Unbelievable Secrets Revealed by Top Experts! 5 Mind-Blowing Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

Unbelievable Secrets Revealed by Top Experts! 5 Mind-Blowing Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

Unbelievable Secrets Revealed by Top Experts! 5 Mind-Blowing Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

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Organizing Your Basement for Streamlined Storage: Top Tips

Basements are some of the most heavily used storage spots in our homes, so keeping them neat and organized is a must if you don’t want to lose items or get them damaged.

When planning out your basement ideas with home storage in mind, starting off with the right organizing and storage boxes makes keeping the space clean and tidy far easier.

Here, professional organizers share their top five tips for organizing a basement for perfectly streamlined storage:

1. Add shelving to get storage off the floor

The golden rule for organizing a basement is to add shelving, professional organizers agree:

“The key is to have shelves anywhere you plan to store things, to take advantage of the vertical space and keep everything off the floor,” begins Nicole Gabai, a professional organizer at B. Organized.

“Unlike your utility room shelving, I recommend heavy-duty metal racks on wheels. These are reasonably priced and easy to assemble and are great for stacking boxes to maximize your space. Without shelving, it’s nearly impossible to access stacked boxes without taking apart the whole stack. You can also buy the heavy-duty plastic shelving they have at large home improvement stores, although metal shelves on wheels are a better option in case you need to rearrange the space to reach maintenance tasks.”

2. Organize shelving from heavy to light

One trick for organizing any space is to store items on shelving from the heaviest at the bottom to the lightest on top. This is especially important when organizing a basement with a wide variety of items, says Brenda Scott, professional home organizer and founder of Tidy My Space. This can prevent things from toppling over and causing injury to yourself or damaging items in your boxes.

3. Use watertight, clear bins with labels

Once you have your storage shelves in place, it is then important to pick the right bins to keep your items protected in an environment that may experience temperature and humidity fluctuations.

“Never put items in cardboard boxes for storage – they get damp, smelly and mice might make a home in them,” warns professional organizer Brenda Scott. “Instead, use watertight bins with lavender sachets tucked in between your items to keep items secure and free from musty smells. Once you have your bins filled, label the bin using large labels, such as these from Amazon, affixed to each side of the bin. This way you can visually see what’s in the clear bin and easily read the label to verify the contents.”

4. Group like items together to create a streamlined system

Basements are best used for seasonal storage and items that you don’t need access to very frequently. As a result, the best organizing idea to follow is grouping like items together to make things simple to pull out when needed.

“Categorize your items into groups such as holiday decor, out-of-season clothing, sports equipment, home fix-it items, car accessories, etc.,” suggests Brenda Scott. “If you have a lot of one category, keep an entire shelving unit just for that. You could label the shelving unit too, this helps others know where items can be found and where things need to go back.”

5. Make use of wall storage for things too small or long for boxes

Although storage boxes and bins are essential, they are not suitable for everything. Utilize other wall storage options such as hooks and peg boards to store smaller individual items you may need more frequently, like work gloves, and longer items that are too large for boxes, such as brushes and mops. Position these close to the entrance of your basement so they are quick to grab without having to search through your basement.

Overall, organizing your basement allows you to take advantage of this valuable storage space and keep your belongings safe and accessible. With the right shelving, bins, and organization system in place, you can transform your basement into a streamlined storage area.


What is the fastest way to declutter a basement?

The quickest way to declutter a basement is to create a plan on which areas you are going to work through first. Set goals for each area and establish a time limit to take regular breaks and avoid feeling overwhelmed. It also helps to have trash bags and boxes on hand to categorize items as you work.

Is it okay to store clothes in a basement?

It is okay to store clothes in a basement as long as you store them correctly. Use watertight bins and vacuum bags to help keep your clothing protected from temperature and moisture fluctuations. Adding scented sachets or liners to your storage bins can also help ward off musty odors.

By following these expert tips, you can efficiently organize your basement and create a functional and clutter-free storage space.


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