Home News and Politics Unbelievable! Liverpool Jury’s Mind-Blowing Scores REVEALED on the Blog!

Unbelievable! Liverpool Jury’s Mind-Blowing Scores REVEALED on the Blog!

Unbelievable! Liverpool Jury’s Mind-Blowing Scores REVEALED on the Blog!

Last updated: 25 October 2023

Having immersed herself in the world of Eurovision, Rhiannon Corcoran, Professor of Psychology and Public Mental Health at the University of Liverpool, reflects on the power of understanding data when it comes to showcasing just how an event of this scale can impact on community and wellbeing.

Evaluating the Health and Wellbeing Impact of Eurovision

Back in 2022, Professor Iain Buchan, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Innovation at the University of Liverpool, posed a question: “Who wants to evaluate the health and wellbeing impacts of Eurovision?”. Despite the time pressure and urgency, Rhiannon Corcoran stepped up to the challenge, eager to showcase what could be achieved through teamwork. She took it upon herself to evaluate the impact of Eurovision 2023 on the community and wellbeing of Liverpool.

Forming a Team

In March, Rhiannon Corcoran joined a prestigious group of partners who were committed to meeting the challenges of this unique opportunity. Together with Drs Helen Page and Rachel Warsaw, University of Liverpool Research Fellows, and Kateryna Zhuk, a Ukrainian doctoral student, they embarked on the task. M.E.L. Research was commissioned for the rapid collection of household survey data, and Culture Liverpool provided support in arranging focus groups. This optimistic and determined group worked tirelessly to analyze the data and uncover the findings.

Pride and Solidarity

The datasets revealed the immense pride felt by the city for hosting Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine. The qualitative data showed an outpouring of solidarity and an embrace of Ukrainian culture. The community came together to experience the joy and excitement of Eurovision, forming new bonds and creating lifelong memories. There was a growing sense of empathy in the younger residents, who recognized the impact of international politics on innocent victims. Even older people in care homes found solace in the music and stories of Ukraine, following the loneliness of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfolding Lessons of Wellbeing

The quantitative data provided an unfolding lesson on wellbeing. It revealed the positive anticipation leading up to Eurovision, followed by a return to normalcy once the event concluded. However, some individuals experienced a longer-lasting impact, feeling a sense of familiarity and connection with the ethos, culture, and flamboyance of Eurovision. The data offered meaningful insights that went beyond the simple narrative of events contributing to wellbeing.

The Power of Data and Words

The data collected painted a powerful picture of the Eurovision experience over several months. One particularly revealing analysis involved asking participants to describe Liverpool and Eurovision in a few words. The shared words depicted Liverpool as “music,” “colorful,” “vibrant,” “fun,” and “friendly.” These descriptors highlighted why Liverpool was the perfect host city for Eurovision 2023.


Rhiannon Corcoran’s evaluation of the health and wellbeing impacts of Eurovision showcased the profound influence of this event on the community. The data reflected the pride, solidarity, and emotional connections that were formed, as well as the nuanced effects on wellbeing. Eurovision left a lasting impact on Liverpool, reinforcing its reputation as a welcoming and vibrant city.


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