Home GameZone Unbelievable! Inkbound’s Latest Update Shocks Players by Completely Eliminating Battle Pass and In-Game Monetization!

Unbelievable! Inkbound’s Latest Update Shocks Players by Completely Eliminating Battle Pass and In-Game Monetization!

Unbelievable! Inkbound’s Latest Update Shocks Players by Completely Eliminating Battle Pass and In-Game Monetization!

Big Changes Coming to Early Access Game Inkbound: Say Goodbye to Monetization

Early access games often undergo significant transformations, and Inkbound is no exception. The developers, Shiny Shoe, have recently announced their decision to make a major change to their game – the removal of all in-game monetization features. This move is quite significant considering that these systems have been in place for quite some time. So, what does this mean for current and future players of Inkbound? Let’s delve into the details.

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The Game: Inkbound

Inkbound is a 3rd person action game with turn-based mechanics and roguelike elements, including dungeon dives, currencies, unlockable items, and more.

I had the opportunity to play the game with a code provided by the developers about a month ago, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. The combination of tactical, turn-based gameplay, exciting missions, immersive lore, and captivating storylines work together seamlessly. Additionally, I’ve made progress in the latest Leveling Pass, which was introduced this summer, and found the rewards to be both enjoyable and worthwhile. It’s important to note that these rewards are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay or talents.

The Removal of Monetization

In their recent post, Shiny Shoe has stated that they are fully removing all in-game monetization systems from Inkbound. They explain, “It’s clear that the industry and player sentiment is turning against the presence of these features. Therefore, we are eliminating in-game monetization entirely. The content that was previously available through Leveling Passes will now be transformed into cosmetic-only optional “supporter pack” DLCs, which will be sold on Steam. The remaining cosmetic content can still be obtained in-game through gameplay.”

Inkbound Update

Furthermore, the team has outlined some key changes regarding the Leveling Pass and Cosmetic Shop:

Leveling Pass

  1. The Leveling Pass feature will be completely removed.
  2. Players who owned either The Story Begins or The Starship of Terrors premium passes will receive all unclaimed rewards from their respective pass immediately.
  3. Additionally, players who owned either of the premium passes will be granted 1,000 Vault Dust for each pass they owned.
  4. The cosmetic items previously offered through the premium tracks will be moved to cosmetic-only optional “supporter” Steam DLCs. If you previously purchased either of the premium Leveling Passes, you already own all the associated DLC content.

Cosmetic Shop

  1. The Cosmetic Shop will continue to exist, but the currency for purchasing items will only be earnable through gameplay. The “Buy Shinies” button will be removed.
  2. Players who have previously bought packs of Shinies with real money will receive an additional 2x amount of Vault Dust. For example, if you purchased 1,000 Shinies in the past, regardless of whether you spent them or not, you will be granted an additional 2,000 Vault Dust.
  3. After defeating a Guardian, there will be a chance for a chest to appear containing a random cosmetic reward from the Cosmetic Vault that you don’t already possess.

For more details on these changes, you can refer to the game’s latest update and post, available here. Shiny Shoe values transparency and welcomes feedback as these significant changes will take effect on October 27th, along with additional content and in-game adjustments detailed in the aforementioned post.

Inkbound is currently available on Steam’s Early Access, and the developers aim to release the full 1.0 version of the game sometime in 2024.


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