Home Sports Unbelievable Feat: Arakawa Surpasses All Expectations for Vulcans!

Unbelievable Feat: Arakawa Surpasses All Expectations for Vulcans!

Unbelievable Feat: Arakawa Surpasses All Expectations for Vulcans!

University of Hawaii Hilo’s Teani Arakawa Dominates PacWest Conference

University of Hawaii Hilo’s Teani Arakawa is leading the charge in women’s soccer for the PacWest Conference. The junior forward has been named the 2023 preseason player of the year and has certainly lived up to the title.

Arakawa’s Impressive Stats

Arakawa is currently leading the conference in several categories. She tops the leaderboard in goals with an impressive seven, while also being tied for first in assists (four) and game-winning goals (three). Additionally, her total points (18) are a whopping eight more than the second-best player in the conference.

A Standout Performance Amongst the Competition

Arakawa’s exceptional performance on the field is undoubtedly contributing to the success of the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s women’s soccer team. Standing at 5-foot-1, she has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she excelling individually, but she also has her sights set on team success.

“We’re having a lot of fun, obviously,” Arakawa said. “I think from last year we won PacWest and this year again we’re trying to push to get even further than the year before as a team and individually.”

Growing Stronger in Her Second Year

After transferring from South Dakota State, Arakawa quickly adapted to life at the University of Hawaii Hilo. She expressed feeling more comfortable in her second year, building better connections with her teammates and the coaching staff. This comfort has undoubtedly contributed to her improved performance on the field.

Arakawa’s Impact on the Team

The head coach of the Vulcans, Gene Okamura, praises Arakawa for her growth and leadership skills. He noted that her confidence, desire to be the best, and goal-scoring abilities have significantly improved since last season. Arakawa has stepped up as a leader and captain for the team, guiding them to a current ranking of No. 6 in the nation at the NCAA Division II level.

Aiming for Greater Success

The Vulcans’ exceptional performance last season sets high expectations for this year’s team. Arakawa and her teammates are determined to go even further in the NCAA Division II tournament and showcase their capabilities. They are motivated to prove themselves and overcome any obstacles in their path.

A Loaded and Connected Team

The University of Hawaii Hilo women’s soccer team is composed of talented players from various backgrounds, including NCAA Division I transfers and international players. The team chemistry and connection are evident, with everyone pushing each other to reach their potential.

Arakawa’s Belongingness at Hilo

Coming from a soccer family, Arakawa found her home at the University of Hawaii Hilo. Her older sister, Tiera, also played for the Vulcans, and Arakawa sought her insights before making the decision to join the team. Returning home to Hawaii has allowed her to be closer to her family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Continued Success and Ambitions

With Arakawa leading the way, the University of Hawaii Hilo Vulcans have their sights set on achieving even greater success. They are determined to defend their PacWest title and make a deep run in the NCAA Division II tournament. Arakawa’s strong leadership, combined with the team’s talent and chemistry, makes them a formidable force in women’s soccer.

*Robert Collias, The Maui News


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