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Tips from Australian parents: Avoiding an excessive Halloween sugar rush

Tips from Australian parents: Avoiding an excessive Halloween sugar rush

Halloween Tricks and Treats: How to Manage Your Children’s Sweet Haul

It’s Halloween night, and your children have returned home with a massive collection of sugary treats. The thought of them turning into sugar-hyped monsters is enough to make any parent cringe. So, what can you do?

Trick or Treat Tactics

Guardian Australia reached out to parents for their tips on managing Halloween treats, and here are some strategies they recommend:

1. The Lolly Exchange

Pip Lamb, a mother of two, suggests giving your children a small treat before bedtime, but then putting the rest away. Use the remaining treats as incentives to get your children to do tasks or behave well.

2. The Switch Witch

Inspired by Audrey Kinsman’s book, “The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft,” some parents have the “Switch Witch” visit their homes. At the end of the night, children get to keep a small portion of their candy, while the rest is left out for the Switch Witch, who exchanges it for a toy.

3. Healthy Switching

For children with allergies or dietary restrictions, swapping out their Halloween treats with healthier alternatives can be a good option. One parent traded various treats for blueberry puffs and watermelon, catering to their child’s dietary needs.

4. Let Them “Go Wild”

Some parents choose to let their children enjoy the full extent of their Halloween treats, allowing them to indulge for a day or two. This approach helps manage the intensity surrounding the event.

Teaching Healthy Eating Habits

Alongside these trick-or-treat tactics, several experts suggest ways to teach children about healthy eating habits:

1. Ellyn Satter’s “Division of Responsibility”

Kayla Dodd, a pediatric dietitian, recommends practicing Ellyn Satter’s approach. Offer your child a choice between a fruit salad for dessert or Halloween candy alongside a glass of milk. The child’s responsibility is to choose and decide how much to eat.

2. Having Open Discussions

Deirdre Brandner, a pediatric psychologist, advises discussing boundaries with your children regarding their candy consumption. Keep the sweets out of sight to minimize temptation.

3. Distracting with Healthy Options

Julia Lamb found success in distracting her young child with colorful and healthy snacks, including fruits and vegetables. By presenting a variety of options, her child didn’t solely focus on the treats.

4. Embrace the Innocence of Ignorance

Another parent revealed that their child didn’t realize Halloween candies were edible until the age of five. They treated the candy as trinkets to play with, rather than devouring them.

With these strategies in mind, you can manage your children’s Halloween treats without succumbing to the sugar overload. Remember, moderation and open communication are key to instilling healthy habits while still embracing the festive spirit of Halloween.


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