Home News and Politics Surrey’s Bold Move to Address Rampant Illegal Truck Parking Sparks Outrage in BC!

Surrey’s Bold Move to Address Rampant Illegal Truck Parking Sparks Outrage in BC!

Surrey’s Bold Move to Address Rampant Illegal Truck Parking Sparks Outrage in BC!

The City of Surrey to Add New Truck Parking Spaces as Illegal Parking Complaints Rise

The City of Surrey is taking action to address the issue of illegal truck parking in the Bridgeview neighbourhood. Residents have been expressing frustration and concerns over the increasing number of trucks that are causing damage to their properties and posing safety risks.

Resident Complaints

Joe Lemasurier, a long-time resident of North Surrey’s Bridgeview neighbourhood, has decided to sell his house due to the constant nuisance caused by the trucks. He describes the experience of driving on his street as “like driving on a waterbed.” The heavy trucks have caused cracks in his home’s ceiling.

Drainage Issues and Safety Concerns

Another resident, Tryg Wenn, highlights that some trucks park on the road while others occupy private lots. This has resulted in drainage issues and the sinking foundation of his home. He also expresses concerns about trucks carrying dangerous substances, posing a potential threat to the safety of the community.

City’s Response and Plans

Surrey city councillor Harry Bains acknowledges the severity of the situation and emphasizes the need for immediate action. City staff have been directed to identify available city-owned land to create new, legal parking spaces for trucks. Bains recognizes that the issue affects both residents and truck drivers and is striving to find a balance that addresses the concerns of all parties.

The Shortage of Truck Parking Spaces

Surrey is home to a significant number of truckers, estimated to be between 5,000 and 6,000. However, there is a shortage of approximately 2,000 parking spaces for their vehicles. Truckers currently resort to parking on highways, driveways, illegal lots, and farmland due to the lack of designated parking areas.

Potential Challenges

While the city aims to create several new legal parking lots for trucks, there may be challenges to overcome. Much of the Bridgeview neighbourhood is zoned as industrial, making private truck lots potentially legal. The city recognizes the long-standing neglect of the issue and is committed to finding a solution.


The City of Surrey is aware of the ongoing problems caused by illegal truck parking and is working to address them. The plan includes adding hundreds of new and legal truck parking spaces in a timely manner. The city acknowledges the frustrations of residents and is striving to find a balance between the needs of truck drivers and the concerns of the community.

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