Home Personal Development Shocking Revelation: Real Madrid Garners Mind-Blowing Worldwide Fandom Like No Other!

Shocking Revelation: Real Madrid Garners Mind-Blowing Worldwide Fandom Like No Other!

Shocking Revelation: Real Madrid Garners Mind-Blowing Worldwide Fandom Like No Other!

Florentino Pérez opens the 2023 General Assembly of Representative Members

Florentino Pérez inaugurated the 2023 General Assembly of Representative Members, held at the Real Madrid City basketball pavilion. In his opening speech, the Real Madrid president paid tribute to Amancio, directors Fernando Fernández-Tapias and Raúl Ronda Ortiz, as well as the madridistas who passed away last season.

Pérez honored Amancio Amaro, the beloved honorary president of Real Madrid, emphasizing his contributions to the club and his success as a player with 9 league titles and 3 Copa de España trophies.

The president also paid a special tribute to first vice-president Fernando Fernández-Tapias and director Raúl Ronda Ortiz, highlighting their loyalty and dedication to Real Madrid.


Florentino Pérez emphasized that being the president of Real Madrid is one of the greatest responsibilities he has ever undertaken. He highlighted that the team’s success on the pitch is not the only measure of their achievements, but also their commitment to the values that define the club: work, continuous self-improvement, sacrifice, humility, camaraderie, fair play, respect, and solidarity.


Pérez emphasized the unity of Real Madrid members as the club’s main strength. He credited this unity for the club’s institutional stability and successful cycles in recent years. He proudly mentioned the 25 football trophies and 25 basketball trophies won in the last 13 seasons, including 8 European Cups.

Santiago Bernabéu

Pérez spoke about the transformation of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, expressing his excitement about the upcoming project’s completion. He acknowledged the challenges faced during the construction, such as the impact of the pandemic and geopolitical events, but expressed confidence in the stadium’s potential to make Real Madrid stronger.

Sporting project

The Real Madrid president praised the success of both the football and basketball teams in recent years. He mentioned the three trophies won by the football team in the previous season and praised the leadership of coach Carlo Ancelotti. Pérez highlighted the importance of long-term planning and the contract extensions of key players for Real Madrid’s future success.

Women’s football

Pérez acknowledged the progress of Real Madrid’s women’s football team in its first three years. He congratulated coach Alberto Toril and also praised the Spanish national team’s triumph in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Youth academy

Pérez proudly mentioned that Real Madrid’s youth academy is ranked as the best in the world. He highlighted the number of players from the academy who now play in the top European leagues and praised the titles won by the youth teams.


Florentino Pérez celebrated Real Madrid’s 11th European Cup victory, emphasizing the team’s history and its representation of the club’s values. He expressed pride in the players’ commitment and their refusal to give up in challenging situations.

Financial situation

Pérez shared positive financial news, stating that despite the stadium not yet being at full capacity, the club achieved revenues of €843 million, representing a 16% increase from the previous season. He also highlighted the after-tax profit of €12 million.

Real Madrid Foundation

Pérez highlighted Real Madrid’s strong social commitment through the Real Madrid Foundation, which has helped vulnerable children for 26 years. He emphasized that the foundation is the soul of Real Madrid.

Crisis in European football

Pérez addressed the institutional crisis in football, both in Spain and Europe, and criticized stakeholders who prioritize their own interests over the fans. He called for the enforcement of financial fair play rules and emphasized the need for transparent and modern corporate governance in accordance with European Union principles and laws.

The Super League

Pérez defended the Super League project, stating that it aims to improve, modernize, and strengthen European competitions while maintaining compatibility with national leagues. He criticized the current Champions League format and governance, calling for innovation and transparency. Pérez expressed hope that a decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union would bring positive changes to football.

Spanish football

Pérez expressed concerns about the state of Spanish football and highlighted issues such as referee quality and the management of VAR. He criticized LaLiga’s actions against Real Madrid, claiming they seek to attack the club’s financial assets. Pérez condemned LaLiga’s deal with CVC and expressed confidence in its annulment by the Spanish courts.

Organizational structure to protect Real Madrid

Pérez announced his plans to establish an organizational structure that would protect Real Madrid both legally and financially. He emphasized the need to safeguard the club’s economic assets and defend against any threat of expropriation.

Negreira Case

Pérez briefly mentioned the ongoing Negreira case, where a significant sum of money was allegedly paid to a Spanish referee. He expressed confidence in the justice system’s handling of the case and acknowledged its damaging impact on the image of Spanish football.

Universal sociological Madridismo

Pérez concluded his speech by addressing the concept of sociological madridismo, highlighting that Real Madrid has a universal following of over 500 million registered fans, making it the most valuable club in the world. He attributed this to the club’s values, historic achievements, and worldwide recognition, calling Real Madrid the greatest club in history with its 25 European Cups.


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