Home News and Politics Prepare to be Shocked: The Unbelievable Transformation of World Politics by the Global South

Prepare to be Shocked: The Unbelievable Transformation of World Politics by the Global South

Prepare to be Shocked: The Unbelievable Transformation of World Politics by the Global South

The Rise of the Global South: Challenging Conventional Power Dynamics

In a world marked by intensified rivalries among superpowers, the global south is emerging as a player on the world stage. This group exhibits developmental trajectories challenging the conventional Western narrative of global dominance. Several trends highlight the growing influence of the global south in reshaping dynamics of global politics.

Economic Progress and Shifting Power

Despite facing difficulties such as the financial crisis in 2008 or the devastating Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, these nations have not only overcome adversity but also made significant progress. According to data from the International Monetary Fund, there has been a shift in the economic landscape.

In 2008, emerging markets and developing economies took control of 51.3% of GDP from their developed counterparts. As we fast forward to 2022, the share of the developed world has shrunk while the global south is at 58.3%. This increase of 16.5 percentage points shows the progress made by developing nations.

In terms of market exchange rates, the global south’s piece of the pie stands at 42.5% in 2022, an increase of 21.6 percentage points since the year 2000.

Forging a Distinct Path

Nations in the global south are asserting their independence through distinct political positions and policy proposals that diverge significantly from traditional Western narratives.

A noteworthy aspect is that many countries in the global south have expressed opposition to intervention as a solution to address the Ukraine crisis, advocating for approaches that prioritize cooperation and dialogue over sanctions or aggressive measures.

Competition for Influence

With the rise of the global south, we are witnessing a competition among powers to win over these countries. The Munich Security Conference and the G7 leaders summit have both highlighted the importance of the global south in shaping security and strengthening international ties.

Challenges and Opportunities

Many developing nations in the global south are facing a combination of crises, including the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a global shortage of food and energy, and the climate emergency. Poverty, inequality, governance problems, and infrastructure deficiencies persist in many nations.

However, the global south possesses essential resources that are critical for the economies of their more developed counterparts. This, coupled with its stabilizing influence, influential role in interconnected supply chains, and advocacy for preserving diverse human civilizations, makes the global south a countervailing force.

A Diverse and Inclusive World

Efforts led by emerging markets and developing countries, such as the Brics alliance, promote cooperation and unity among global south nations, shaping a diverse and inclusive world.

Dr Imran Khalid is a freelance columnist on international affairs based in Karachi, Pakistan. He qualified as a physician from Dow Medical University in 1991 and has a master’s degree in international relations from Karachi University.


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