Home Travel and Lifestyle Prepare to be mind-blown by America’s most exclusive and jaw-dropping secret golf haven!

Prepare to be mind-blown by America’s most exclusive and jaw-dropping secret golf haven!

Prepare to be mind-blown by America’s most exclusive and jaw-dropping secret golf haven!

Unveiling the Hidden Gem: Mystic Creek Golf Club in El Dorado, Arkansas

In the charming town of El Dorado, Arkansas, lies a golf course that is steadily making a name for itself – Mystic Creek Golf Club. Like a 10-year-old child discovering its passions and strengths, Mystic Creek is coming into its own as an interesting, challenging, and high-quality golf course. Situated in a rural corner of America, Mystic Creek is slowly gaining recognition among curious traveling golfers who are seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Mystic Creek Golf Club

Plunging downhill and twisting to the right, then left, the par-5 first is a perfect introduction to Mystic Creek. – Tim Gavrich/GolfPass

Despite being relatively unknown, Mystic Creek has built a solid reputation by hosting various tournaments, including state-level amateur stroke and match play tournaments, the Sun Belt Conference Championships in Division I college golf, and the Epson Tour’s Murphy USA El Dorado Shootout. The course’s challenging layout, stretching to 7,500 yards from the tips, captivates golfers with its ponds, creeks, and deep bunkers that demand precision and strategic play.

As golfers maneuver through the demanding front nine, the back nine offers a more open and inviting experience. Downhill tee shots and uphill approaches become the norm, with water coming into play on only three of the last twelve approaches. The long par-4 15th hole stands out as a favorite, with its scenic downhill tee shot and a spacious green that provides a welcome break from the challenges encountered earlier in the round. Mystic Creek rewards golfers who approach the course with the right mindset and are prepared to face its unique demands.

Mystic Creek Golf Club

The beauty of the second green at Mystic Creek hides its considerable shot demands. Most approaches landing right of center will slide off the putting surface into the water. – Tim Gavrich/GolfPass

Mystic Creek draws inspiration from Augusta National Golf Club, with its deep pine forest and elevation changes reminiscent of the famous Masters venue. The course’s logo proudly pays homage to Augusta, while the par-3 12th hole mirrors Augusta’s 12th hole, offering a unique challenge. Maintained to the highest standards, Mystic Creek’s pristine conditions showcase the expertise of the agronomy team.

Off the course, Mystic Creek offers a well-appointed experience. The modernist clubhouse, constructed with local timber and extensive glass panels, overlooks the 18th hole and features a heckle-deck for added entertainment. The Mystic Grill, the on-site restaurant, serves excellent food that attracts both locals and golfers. The practice facility, including a captivating short-game setup, caters to golfers looking to fine-tune their skills. The developers and owners of Mystic Creek have spared no effort in ensuring that visitors feel welcome and have a memorable experience.

Exploring the Enchanting Town of El Dorado, Arkansas

El Dorado, a town of 19,000 residents, perfectly complements the allure of Mystic Creek Golf Club. Despite its modest size, El Dorado garners attention due to its rich history in the petroleum and gas industry. Home to the first significant oil strike in Arkansas in 1921, El Dorado has been supported by the industry ever since. The legacy of this industry is evident in the ongoing charm and prosperity of the town.

One noteworthy contributor to El Dorado’s charm is Murphy USA, a Fortune 500 company and owner of Mystic Creek Golf Club. Headquartered in El Dorado, Murphy USA plays a significant role in the town’s vibrancy. They have also established the Murphy Arts District (MAD), a celebrated live music venue that hosts renowned acts, adding to El Dorado’s cultural scene. Alongside the MAD, an outdoor amphitheater and an indoor concert hall offer plenty of entertainment options for locals and visitors.

For golfers planning a visit to Mystic Creek, accommodations in El Dorado’s downtown area are easily accessible. The Haywood, a Hilton Tapestry Collection hotel, provides a convenient and affordable stay for golfers looking to immerse themselves in the town’s local character. Downtown restaurants such as Fayray’s, known for their Cajun-accented cuisine, offer delightful dining options within walking distance of The Haywood.

Before hitting the golf course, visitors can indulge in a unique local treat – the spudnut. The Spudnut Shoppe, founded in 1948, serves a specialty doughnut made with potato flour. These fluffy fritters, available glazed, frosted, or filled, have become a beloved delicacy among locals and a must-try for visitors.

With its exceptional golf course, lively concert venue, and delicious doughnuts, El Dorado offers a remarkable experience for adventurous traveling golfers seeking a comprehensive getaway.


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