Home Personal Development Opinion: Having a Podcast isn’t for Everyone: Debunking the Extreme Clickbait

Opinion: Having a Podcast isn’t for Everyone: Debunking the Extreme Clickbait

Opinion: Having a Podcast isn’t for Everyone: Debunking the Extreme Clickbait

Over 30 Million Podcast Episodes Released in 2022: Quantity Over Quality?

Podcasting has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity over the past three years. With over three million active podcasts and a staggering 30 million episodes released in 2022 alone, it seems like everyone has something to say. However, the question arises: are all these podcasts worth listening to?

Lack of Expertise: The Changing Landscape of Podcasting

Once dominated by experts in their respective fields, podcasting has evolved into a platform where anyone can share their thoughts and experiences. It has become increasingly common for individuals with no educational expertise to dedicate hours each week to spewing their opinions into a microphone, even if they only have a single listener.

While sharing personal viewpoints can be enjoyable, it is puzzling why a broad audience is more interested in hearing others’ life stories rather than focusing on traditional self-improvement podcasts.

The Rise of Egotistical Influencers-Turned-Podcasters

The issue lies not with podcasts themselves but with the influencers who have transformed into self-proclaimed podcasters. Alex Cooper, known for her role on “Call Her Daddy,” founded the Unwell Network and kickstarted the podcast careers of TikTok influencers Alix Earle and Madeline Argy.

Alix Earle, in particular, has seen great success with her podcast titled “Hot Mess,” consistently ranking among Spotify’s top five podcasts since its launch. However, it raises questions about seeking guidance from a privileged white woman with a marketing degree rather than credible sources.

Celebrities Join the Podcasting Realm

Celebrities have also jumped on the podcasting bandwagon, using their popularity to create shows that primarily revolve around themselves. Tana Mongeau’s “Cancelled,” Barstool’s “BFFs,” and Trisha Paytas’ “Just Trish” offer fans a chance to delve into the personal lives of their favorite celebrities.

However, these shows tend to focus more on personal narratives and entertainment rather than delivering useful or educational content. People have developed an unhealthy obsession with the seemingly perfect lives of celebrities, hoping to somehow emulate them. But listening to these podcasts won’t necessarily improve their own lives.

Seeking Valuable Insights from Credible Sources

For those looking to grow as individuals, guidance from credible sources is essential. Fortunately, there are alternative podcasts hosted by influential individuals who have achieved more than just an influencer title.

Consider tuning into podcasts like “Anything Goes” by Emma Chamberlain, “Getting Curious” by Jonathan Van Ness, “The Left Ear” by Dakota Johnson, or “I Weigh” by Jameela Jamil. These podcasts offer a blend of celebrity perspectives and substantial content, helping listeners stay informed about current issues and the broader world.

The True Value of Podcasts: Personal Narratives vs. Insightful Content

In a society where podcasts are increasingly popular, our choice of what to listen to holds significant weight. While personal stories from celebrities and influencers dominate the podcasting landscape, the true value of podcasts lies in the distribution of credible knowledge.

As you explore the vast podcasting universe, consider what enriches your life: personal narratives or insightful content. The choice is yours.

Natalia is a sophomore in LAS. [email protected]


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