Home News and Politics Mind-Blowing Proposals for Hamilton’s Wild Waterworks Future: City Staff’s Unbelievable Findings Unveiled!

Mind-Blowing Proposals for Hamilton’s Wild Waterworks Future: City Staff’s Unbelievable Findings Unveiled!

Mind-Blowing Proposals for Hamilton’s Wild Waterworks Future: City Staff’s Unbelievable Findings Unveiled!

Hamilton’s Wild Waterworks Faces Uncertain Future as City Staff Recommend Comprehensive Study

Hamilton’s popular summer attraction, Wild Waterworks, is at a crossroads as city staff recommend conducting a comprehensive study to determine its future.

The study is expected to include a public consultation to gauge residents’ interest in keeping the aging water park, whose slides and pools are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Ward 5 Coun. Matt Francis acknowledges that the Wild Waterworks situation is complex, involving various councils, master plans, and ideas over the years. He mentions that stakeholders and city staff will meet in early December to review the examination and explore potential options. These options range from winding down the attraction to investing millions of dollars into improvements.

Exploring Alternatives

The comprehensive study may consider the feasibility of a public-private partnership to remove the venue from the city’s financial burden while still retaining it as a municipal asset. However, Francis clarifies that this exploration does not necessarily mean it will be pursued, but all options must be examined.

A staff report highlights that the waterpark, opened in 1983, requires tens of millions of dollars to remain sustainable.

Considering the Possibilities

Owned by the city and operated by the Hamilton Conservation Authority, Wild Waterworks attracted nearly 80,000 visitors this past summer. Cynthia Graham, director of environmental services, emphasizes that nothing is being ruled out. While the park’s master plan suggests ways to keep it operational, the city will also explore alternative uses for the space if closure becomes necessary.

Graham further states, “The recommendation of this report is that we start having those conversations, including options for renewing (the) water park facility, but also looking at all options in line with the council’s priorities and pressures.”

The 2020 master plan for the park offers four recommendations, including a “do nothing” approach for two years or replacing every park fixture at a cost of $26 million. The last two suggestions involve creating a Disneyland-like park, estimated to cost either $40 or $60 million.

A Deliberate Decision-Making Process

Francis anticipates that the staff review will take approximately a year before a final decision is made. He shares his personal experience as a season pass holder, praising the park’s vibrancy despite its age. However, he acknowledges the need for careful consideration of the park’s future.

Hamilton’s Wild Waterworks is anticipating a year-long staff review to determine the future of this beloved summer attraction. The study will involve public consultation and explore various options, including potential improvements or winding down the park. Despite its age, the water park continues to draw large crowds and is seen as a valuable asset to the municipality. However, with estimated price tags for revitalization ranging from tens of millions to building a Disneyland-like park, a thorough examination is needed to make a well-informed decision. Only time will tell whether Hamilton’s Wild Waterworks will continue to delight visitors for years to come.

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