Home Auto-Moto Mind-Blowing MGB Customization: Choose between V8 Powerhouse or Cutting-Edge EV—Prepare to be Astonished!

Mind-Blowing MGB Customization: Choose between V8 Powerhouse or Cutting-Edge EV—Prepare to be Astonished!

Mind-Blowing MGB Customization: Choose between V8 Powerhouse or Cutting-Edge EV—Prepare to be Astonished!

To BEV or Not to BEV? The Battle of Resto-Mod Classic Cars

The classic car world’s resto-mod community is currently embroiled in a debate: Whether to go electric or stick with internal combustion engines? The question of whether it is better to suffer the criticisms of internet commentators and embrace electric vehicles (EVs) or to resist the pressure from environmentalists and stick with traditional engines has divided the modders into two tribes.

The Electric Tribe

In one corner, we have the likes of Everrati, Electrogenic, RBW, Lunaz, and Sacrilege Motors. These companies are opting to replace the engines of classic cars with electric motors, giving them a new lease on life with emission-free powertrains.

The Performance Tribe

In the other corner, we have companies like Theon, Icon, Singer, KAMM, and others. They are taking a different approach by upgrading the internal combustion engines (ICE) of classic cars, giving them a modern punch of performance while retaining the nostalgic charm.

Frontline Cars: Hedging Its Bets

Frontline Cars, led by racer and engineer Tim Fenna, is taking a middle ground with its new pairing of updated MGBs. The company, known for its restorations, launched the modernized LE50 MGB in 2013 to celebrate the model’s 50th anniversary. Now, as the MGB celebrates its 60th year, Frontline has reinvented the British classic once again.

The LE60: A Muscular Beast

The LE60 is Frontline’s take on the MGB GT V8, but with a 4.8-litre engine instead of the original 3.5-litre. The LE60 pumps out a whopping 375bhp, making it a muscle car in miniature. Visually, the LE60 features wider rear wings, de-bumpering, LED headlights, and a more aggressive fascia. The interior is luxurious, with Bridge of Weir leather, a single-piece metal dashboard with Smiths instruments, and an elegant wooden gear knob.

The BEE: An Electrifying Experience

Frontline’s BEE (B EV Edition) is an electrified version of the MGB, designed to maintain the joy of driving while offering an EV experience. Unlike other EV conversions, the BEE comes with a manual transmission and three pedals, retaining the interactive engagement of a traditional manual gearbox. It features a Hyper9 100-volt electric motor with around 120bhp and a ceramic/organic clutch. The BEE provides instant torque and a range of 140 miles, with Frontline already working on improving range and performance.

Frontline’s Impeccable Craftsmanship

Frontline’s Abingdon workshop, located near MG’s original factory, is a testament to the company’s dedication to craftsmanship. The LE60 and BEE showcase the level of detail and attention put into revitalizing these classic cars. The LE60’s price tag of £176,000 (plus VAT) reflects the stunning craftsmanship and luxurious interior, while the BEE starts at around £120,000.

The Future: Hydrogen-Powered V8?

Frontline’s future may not be limited to electric vehicles. Tim Fenna has hinted at developing a hydrogen-powered version of the V8 engine, potentially bridging the gap between the electric and performance tribes. Only time will tell if this innovation will unite the rival factions in the classic car world.


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