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Mind-Blowing! Be Among the First to Experience the Insane 2024 BMW i5 in Action – You Won’t Believe What We Discovered!

Mind-Blowing! Be Among the First to Experience the Insane 2024 BMW i5 in Action – You Won’t Believe What We Discovered!

Auto123 recently had the opportunity to take a first drive in the 2024 BMW i5 in Lisbon, Portugal. This marks the first time that BMW has introduced a 5 Series model that is both gasoline-powered and electric. The 2024 version of the sedan will be released in multiple models, starting with the i5 530 gas-fed model with a 2.0L engine, followed by the i5 40 xDrive version. Additionally, BMW will be launching a 550 plug-in hybrid variant with a V6 engine, followed by the i5 M60 xDrive, and finally, the next-generation M5.

The exterior design of the 2024 BMW i5 stays true to the brand’s electric models, featuring similar styling to the gasoline-powered version. Notably, the i5 includes a blue-ringed full grille with the i5 logo on the trunk. The double kidney grille at the front of the vehicle has returned to its more reasonable dimensions, marking a departure from the larger grilles seen in previous models. The i5 also boasts a remarkable aerodynamic design, with a cx of 0.23 achieved through extensive wind tunnel testing. Wheel options range from 19 to 21 inches, and the rocker panel of the i5 is more pronounced to conceal the underfloor battery pack. Other exterior features include a discreet spoiler on the trunk and a new light signature at the rear incorporating a chrome strip. The overall length of the i5 is 100 mm longer than the previous 5 Series, coming in at 5,050 mm.

Moving to the interior of the 2024 BMW i5, it takes inspiration from the recent i7 model. The sedan features a double curved screen that acts as its central nervous system. The screens measure 27.2 inches diagonally, with a 12.3-inch screen located behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch multimedia screen. Powering everything is BMW’s latest operating system, 8.5, which includes onboard 5G technology. Compared to the previous 5 Series, the i5 offers a slightly roomier interior. The wheelbase has been increased by 0.8 inches, resulting in improved rear legroom. The seating has also been redesigned, with standard sports seats and multi-contour seats available on other versions. Due to the presence of the batteries, the cargo space is slightly smaller than the gas-fed 5 Series but still provides 490 liters of luggage space. Additionally, the i5 includes a 40/20/40 folding rear bench and comes standard with vegan leather upholstery. Merino leather upholstery is available as an option for an additional $2,900.

The 2024 BMW i5 boasts a range of advanced technology and safety features. It is equipped with the latest generation iDrive 8.5 operating system, allowing for OTA (over-the-air) remote updates. Passengers can enjoy games and video content on the digital interface while the car is charging. The i5 retains the knob in the center console for menu navigation but also offers a touchscreen option. However, navigating through the menu can be challenging due to the density of options. Standard features include heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, ambient lighting, LED headlamps, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Optional features include a Luxury Package, which includes wireless device charging, a Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System, high beam assistance, professional parking assistance, adaptive LED headlamps, the BMW drive recorder, and more.

The 2024 BMW i5 will be available in two models in Canada: the i5 xDrive40 and the i5 M60 xDrive. Both models feature the same battery, providing 83.9 kWh of usable energy, and come with all-wheel drive. The output of the xDrive40 version has not yet been announced, but the xDrive60 model develops 590 hp and 605 lb-ft of torque. These figures allow the i5 to have a 0-100 km/h time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 230 km/h. Charging the i5 with the optional 22 kW on-board charger takes 8 hours and 15 minutes for a full charge, and a 10 to 80 percent charge can be achieved in 30 minutes at a fast DC charging station. With a charging power of 205 kW, the i5 is the fastest-charging BMW. The M60 version has a range of 412 km, while the xDrive40 version’s range has not yet been announced but is expected to be around 500 km.

When it comes to driving the 2024 BMW i5, it maintains the dynamic driving spirit that BMW models are known for. Despite its weight of 2,300 kg, the i5 offers a dynamic driving experience. The top-of-the-range version comes standard with four-wheel steering. For an enhanced driving experience, BMW offers two options: the M Pro adaptive suspension with active roll stabilization for $4,000 and the M Sport Pro package for $1,500, which includes various exterior elements, M sport brakes, illuminated kidney grille, and more. The adaptive suspension is recommended for those who enjoy dynamic driving. Additionally, the i5 is equipped with the latest on-road driver assistance system, allowing for autonomous driving at speeds up to 130 km/h.

The pricing for the 2024 BMW i5 starts at just over $70,000 for the 530 version and goes up to $95,000 for the i5 xDrive M60. Additional costs for shipping, preparation, and dealer fees amount to $3,150, bringing the total to $98,150. Our test model, with optional features, had a final cost of $113,000. Financing options are available, with a 4-year lease costing $2,045 per month and a residual value of $49,900. Financing the i5 over 6 years would cost $2,535 per month. Despite the high price tag, the BMW i5 offers a driving experience that is unmatched by competitors such as the Mercedes EQE or the Tesla S.

In conclusion, BMW has succeeded in creating an electric vehicle that combines the soul of its gasoline-powered cars with the pleasure of driving. The BMW i5 offers a level of driver-engagement that is unmatched by other electric models on the market. However, it is worth noting that additional option packages can significantly increase the comfort and convenience of the i5. Features such as power-adjustable side and rear sunshades, ventilated front seats, and advanced driving assistance systems are available as optional extras. Ultimately, the 2024 BMW i5 is an impressive electric sedan that offers a unique driving experience for those willing to invest in it.


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