Home Sports Mind-Blowing! A Titanic 300-pound Pumpkin Dominates Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll! Must-See Photos and Unbelievable Stories!

Mind-Blowing! A Titanic 300-pound Pumpkin Dominates Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll! Must-See Photos and Unbelievable Stories!

Mind-Blowing! A Titanic 300-pound Pumpkin Dominates Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll! Must-See Photos and Unbelievable Stories!

Spooky Fun at the Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll

Calling all pumpkin lovers and Halloween enthusiasts! Get ready for a night of eerie enchantment at the second annual Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll. Held on Saturday, October 14, this event promises to be a thrilling experience for all who dare to attend.

The walk will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Presque Isle Marina and lead participants on a quarter-mile journey through the woods, illuminated by the glow of jack-o-lanterns. The trail will culminate at the infamous Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, known to many as a haunted landmark. The event is expected to conclude around 9 p.m.

Organizers are inviting pumpkin carvers to submit their creations for display along the trail. Pumpkins can be purchased at The Portage Store and Deli, conveniently located at Presque Isle Harbor. Once carved, pumpkins should be dropped off at the home of Jill VanAssche, located at 6253 E. Grand Lake Road in Presque Isle. Each pumpkin should be accompanied by a battery-operated candle or glow stick. If participants wish to retrieve their pumpkins after the event, they are requested to mark their names on the back in permanent marker.

In addition to the Pumpkin Stroll, a massive 300-pound pumpkin, grown by Don Bourdeau from Howell, will be auctioned off. The auction promises to be an exciting event, with the colossal pumpkin capturing everyone’s attention. Bourdeau, a resident of Grand Lake, is the proud owner of this incredible specimen.

The brainchild behind the Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll is Jill VanAssche, a Presque Isle resident. With the help of her family, friends, and the community, she successfully organized the event last year. She acknowledges the significant contribution of her husband Brad, who, as a loyal volunteer, carved numerous pumpkins, including an intricate depiction of the Mona Lisa.

Bill Bolyard and his wife Jennifer, the owners of The Portage Store and Deli, were overwhelmed by the popularity of last year’s event and eagerly joined forces with this year’s festivities. Bill reflected on the incredible turnout, with cars lining the road from 638 all the way to the lighthouse. The store was full of visitors enthusing about the event’s success.

To support events like the Pumpkin Stroll, Bill and his associates established Presque Isle Funraisers, a nonprofit organization. This organization aims to raise funds for various community events, including Jill’s Pumpkin Stroll, as well as the fireworks display and the 5K run. Bill highlighted the financial strain Jill experienced while organizing last year’s event and emphasized the importance of community sponsors.

Donations are warmly welcomed in various forms, including pumpkins. Peltz Farms, based in Rogers City, generously donated pumpkins to the cause. Collection boxes can be found at The Portage Store and Deli. Additionally, Jeremy Werth from Alpena provided 100 pumpkins for sale, with the money raised contributing to the Pumpkin Stroll’s success.

With great enthusiasm, Brad VanAssche, Jill’s husband, expressed their aspiration to expand the event each year. He shared an exciting idea for next year’s edition: a pumpkin-growing contest, encouraging participants to compete for the largest pumpkin. Brad revealed that with the perfect fertilizer and growing conditions, pumpkins have been known to gain up to 40 pounds in a single day.

Attendees are encouraged to don their favorite costumes for the occasion. Children dressed in costume will be treated to free ice cream at The Portage Store and Deli. So, gather your family and friends, wear your spookiest outfits, and experience the thrill of the Presque Isle Pumpkin Stroll.

For more information, please visit The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse Pumpkin Stroll on Facebook. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event that celebrates the magic and mystery of Halloween!


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