Home Sports Incredible Discoveries, Bone-Chilling Thrills, and Unbelievable Secrets: Spooky Season Reveals All About News, Sports, and Life-Altering Jobs!

Incredible Discoveries, Bone-Chilling Thrills, and Unbelievable Secrets: Spooky Season Reveals All About News, Sports, and Life-Altering Jobs!

Incredible Discoveries, Bone-Chilling Thrills, and Unbelievable Secrets: Spooky Season Reveals All About News, Sports, and Life-Altering Jobs!

This photo provided by Mollie Jenkins Pottery shows a collection of her ceramic ghosts on the doorstep.

Her whimsical, personality-filled specters have garnered a big following of collectors on social media.

The Halloween Debate: Scary or Not?

When it comes to Halloween decorations, there are two camps: those who love the scary and gory, and those who prefer a more toned-down approach.

The Appeal of Scary Decorations

For some, the scarier, the better. From zombie girls with glowing eyes to chainsaw-wielding hulks, these decorations add an extra thrill to the Halloween season.

Preserving Innocence for Some

However, there are parents, like Jamie Morrissey from suburban New York, who prefer to protect their children’s innocence. She avoids creepy and evil Halloween decorations that may bring up topics she feels are not appropriate for her young children.

A Dialed-Down but Spooky Look

For those who want a less scary but still dramatic Halloween aesthetic, there are plenty of decoration options and themes to choose from.

This photo provided by Balsam Hill shows a jack-o-lantern with a feline face. Black cats, celestial imagery, and ravens are decorative elements that have a cool Halloween vibe without being overly scary.

Creative Halloween Decoration Ideas

There are several ways to create a spooky but gentle Halloween atmosphere:

Bleeding Black and White

Jessica Dodell-Feder, executive editor of HGTV Magazine, suggests keeping decorations black and white, adding natural elements with a creepy factor like bats, snakes, bugs, or Venus fly traps.

A Rainbow-Hued Halloween

Kara Whitten, a professional crafter from Austin, Texas, offers vibrant, rainbow-colored Halloween-themed ideas on her site, akailochiclife. From multicolored pumpkin garlands to spatter-painted faux pumpkins, her ideas add a zingy touch to the holiday.

Fall Colors Instead of Scary

Betsy Cribb Watson, senior homes, and features editor of Southern Living, prefers to embrace the season’s natural colors. Sage greens, burnt oranges, golden yellows, and chocolate browns create a warm and inviting Halloween atmosphere.

Ghosts and Other Halloween Favorites

While some prefer to avoid scary decorations altogether, others like the handmade ghosts created by Mollie Jenkins Pottery.

Jenkins, a ceramic artist from Columbus, Georgia, found inspiration in her childhood memories of spooky Halloween candlesticks and terracotta jack-o’-lanterns. Her whimsical ghosts have gained a following and sell out every year.

Decorating for a Spooky Soiree

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, there are plenty of ways to create a festive atmosphere:

A Touch of Hogwarts

Balsam Hill offers battery-operated “floating candles” that can be hung over a party table or entryway, adding a magical touch. They also have stacked black pumpkin lights with cat faces and glittery black twig trees.

Matte-Black Elegance

Crate & Barrel has a twiggy, matte-black wreath perfect for a mantel or door. Their matte-black haunted houses can be used to create a modern Halloween village.

Stylish Halloween Decor

Anthropologie offers a collection of glassware and napkins with mystical illustrations, such as fortune-teller’s palms and ravens. London ceramicist Francesca Kaye creates trays, mugs, lanterns, and a candelabra adorned with bats, cats, owls, and ravens.

A Beetlejuice-Themed Party

Jessica Dodell-Felder suggests drawing inspiration from the movie “Beetlejuice” for an elevated Halloween party. Black-and-white striped décor with neon green elements, drinks served on dry ice, and old-timey portraits can create a captivating atmosphere.

An Elegant Tablescape

Caroline Utz, The Spruce’s editorial and strategy director, recommends setting up a luxurious tablescape with velvet textures and adding orange, purple, and green candlesticks in different shapes and sizes. Sculptured Greek or Roman busts can contribute to a “Night at the Museum” vibe.

Creative and Gentle Halloween Decorations

For those who prefer a more gentle approach to Halloween décor:

A Touch of Magic

Emily Reaman, an interior designer in San Francisco, adds lights to her trees and decorates gourds with paint and glitter. These decorations can be enjoyed throughout Halloween and Thanksgiving.

With these creative decorating ideas, you can create a Halloween atmosphere that suits your style, whether it’s spooky or gentle, and enjoy the festivities with friends and family.


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