Home Travel and Lifestyle FCTG Independent Unveils Thrilling Global Conference Destination: Prepare for an Extreme Experience!

FCTG Independent Unveils Thrilling Global Conference Destination: Prepare for an Extreme Experience!

FCTG Independent Unveils Thrilling Global Conference Destination: Prepare for an Extreme Experience!

FCTG Independent to Host First Global Conference in Santiago, Chile

FCTG’s Independent Division is gearing up for their inaugural global conference, set to take place in Santiago, Chile from May 1-4, 2024. The event will bring together approximately 500 travel advisors, staff, and sponsors from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and South Africa. Along with individual country days and a supplier expo, the conference will feature plenary sessions and events designed for the entire congregation.

The conference announcement was made during the Independent Icons trip, a reward for the top 10 agencies and agents from each country within the FCTG Independent network. This year, the Independent Icons trip will take place on a Uniworld ship sailing from Budapest to Vienna.

Danielle Galloway, Global Managing Director of FCTG Independent and Luxury Divisions, expressed excitement about the upcoming global conference. As the only truly global independent network, FCTG Independent believes that bringing everyone together for this special event is a valuable opportunity for travel entrepreneurs to connect with their peers from other countries. Galloway also highlighted the benefits of having one conference that caters to all markets, creating new opportunities for supplier partners.

Prior to the global conference, FCTG Independent will host the Independent Icons trip, where top achievers from their independent businesses worldwide will gather on Uniworld’s S.S. Beatrice for four nights of exclusive experiences. Representatives from various travel brands will join the high-performing advisors and agency owners, and sponsored virtual appearances will be made by Intrepid, AAT Kings, Back Roads Touring, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

During the Independent Icons trip, attendees will have the chance to participate in daily excursions, including a special outing to a local winery in Budapest hosted by TTC Tour Brands. The event will also feature an after party with surprises hosted by Singapore Airlines.

In line with FCTG’s commitment to sustainability, the Independent Icons trip will be carbon-offset through a partnership with Allianz and Trees4Travel. Contributions will be made to a reforestation project in Nepal to offset the carbon emissions of the journey.

Chantal Gouws, General Manager of Flight Centre Independent Brands, expressed enthusiasm for representing South Africa on the Uniworld ship and participating in the celebratory trip. Gouws emphasized the exclusivity and deservedness of the opportunity for all participants.

Danielle Galloway concluded with anticipation for the November Icons event, highlighting the unique setting it provides for leading advisors and industry suppliers to connect and learn from each other. The event is designed to create valuable connections and unforgettable memories, cementing its status as a special occasion for all attendees.

In conclusion, FCTG Independent is set to host its first global conference in Santiago, Chile, bringing together travel advisors, staff, and sponsors from around the world. The event promises a comprehensive program and ample networking opportunities for all participants.


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