Home News and Politics Explosive Showdown: Hamas Launches Jaw-Dropping Attack from Gaza, Israel ‘at War’

Explosive Showdown: Hamas Launches Jaw-Dropping Attack from Gaza, Israel ‘at War’

Explosive Showdown: Hamas Launches Jaw-Dropping Attack from Gaza, Israel ‘at War’

Hamas Launches Major Attack on Israel, Sparks Escalation of Violence

In a shocking and deadly assault, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched its largest attack on Israel in years. The attack included armed gunmen crossing into Israel and a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza. At least 100 people have been killed, including both Israelis and Palestinians, and dozens of hostages have been claimed by Hamas.

Israel Declares War and Vows Retaliation

Israel, in response to the attack, stated that Hamas had declared war. The Israeli army confirmed fighting with militants in various Israeli towns and military bases near Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that Israel would retaliate, stating, “Our enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known. We are in a war and we will win it.”

Heavy Casualties and Airstrikes

Both sides have suffered significant casualties. Israel’s N12 News reported that at least 100 Israelis were killed, while Gaza health officials reported 198 Palestinians dead due to airstrikes. The Israeli military responded with airstrikes into Gaza, causing multiple explosions and resulting in dead and wounded being taken to hospitals.

Hamas Claims Israeli Hostages

Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri announced on Al-Jazeera that the group is holding a significant number of Israeli captives, including senior officials. Hamas aims to use these captives as leverage for the release of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Reasons Cited for the Attack

Hamas said the attack was driven by Israel’s increased attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Israeli prisons. The group advocates for Israel’s destruction and stated that this assault is a pivotal battle to end the occupation.

Unprecedented Infiltration and Escalation

This attack marks an unprecedented infiltration into Israel by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip. It represents the most significant blow to Israel in its conflict with Palestinians since the Second Intifada. Israel and Hamas previously engaged in a 10-day war in 2021.

International Reactions and Tensions

The violence has drawn criticism from Western capitals, with the United States condemning the unprovoked attacks and emphasizing that there is no justification for terrorism. The escalating situation has raised concerns from the United Nations’ Middle East peace envoy and Saudi Arabia, which called for an immediate cessation of violence.

Continued Conflict and Uncertain Future

The attack comes amid surging violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in the West Bank, exacerbating tensions over the establishment of a Palestinian state. It also occurs during political turmoil in Israel and ongoing efforts to normalize ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The situation remains tense as both sides brace for further conflict.


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