Home News and Politics Expert Claims Charges Resulting from Calgary Weekend Rally Highly Uncommon

Expert Claims Charges Resulting from Calgary Weekend Rally Highly Uncommon

Expert Claims Charges Resulting from Calgary Weekend Rally Highly Uncommon

Man Charged with Hate Crime for Antisemitic Remarks at Calgary Protest

During a rally in Calgary on Sunday, a man took the stage and repeatedly used an antisemitic phrase while encouraging the crowd to follow along, according to Calgary police. The man has since been charged with causing a disturbance, with hate motivation applied to the charge.

Charges Stem from Sunday Protests Supporting Israel and Palestinians

Wesam Cooley has been charged following protests on Sunday in support of both Israel and Palestinians. The phrase in question, which has been used in pro-Palestinian circles and political movements since the establishment of Israel, triggered the arrest.

Calgary Jewish Federation Expresses Gratitude for Swift Police Action

The Calgary Jewish Federation has thanked the Calgary Police Service for taking swift action against the protester who incited hate speech. The federation hopes that this arrest will set a precedent in both Calgary and other cities.

Muslim Organization Raises Concerns Over Arrest

The National Council of Canadian Muslims expressed great concern over Cooley’s arrest and charge, believing it to be an overreach by the Calgary police. They emphasize that peaceful protests about Palestinian human rights should never be criminalized.

Mount Royal University Professor Comments on Charges

Mount Royal University justice studies professor Doug King stated that the charge of causing a disturbance, combined with hate motivation, is relatively uncommon. He has not heard the phrase used in this context before.

Local Activist Expresses Concern for Muslim Community

A local activist, Saima Jamal, expressed concern that the charges have had a negative impact on Calgary’s Muslim community. She believes that labeling the act as offensive or antisemitic further deepens divisions and inhibits important conversations.

Call to Drop Charges

Jamal is calling on the Calgary Police to consider the gravity of the situation and drop all charges. She insists that it is essential for individuals to define the meaning of their own words, rather than allowing others to do so.

Police Clarify Charges and Context

In a statement clarifying the charges, the Calgary Police Service made it clear that they police behavior and not beliefs. They consider the full context of an individual’s actions before applying charges. The circumstances surrounding the behavior are taken into account, rather than focusing on a single phrase or symbol in isolation.


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