Home News and Politics Eric Braeden, star of ‘Young and the Restless,’ strongly criticizes ‘abysmal’ Air Canada – National

Eric Braeden, star of ‘Young and the Restless,’ strongly criticizes ‘abysmal’ Air Canada – National

Eric Braeden, star of ‘Young and the Restless,’ strongly criticizes ‘abysmal’ Air Canada – National

Soap Star Eric Braeden Slams Air Canada Over Son’s “Dismal” Flying Experience

The Young and the Restless star, Eric Braeden, expressed his frustration with Air Canada on social media after his son had a disappointing flying experience. Braeden took to X (formerly Twitter) to vent his anger at the airline, calling them “dismal” and criticizing their staff and service. He recounted how his son had arrived at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in time for his flight to Florida, but was told by airline staff that he was too late to board the plane.

According to Braeden’s tweet, his son had plenty of time for his luggage to be stowed, but the airline claimed it took three hours to do so. However, his son later learned during the US customs process that it only took a fraction of that time. He further alleged that his son’s luggage was on the plane, but he was denied boarding because he hadn’t arrived exactly three hours before departure. Braeden expressed his disappointment with the rude treatment his son received from both the gate staff and customer service.

The soap star reiterated his love for Canada but criticized Air Canada, stating that the airline was not a good advertisement for the country. As of now, Air Canada has not responded to the accusations made by Braeden.

Fans of the soap star joined the conversation, sharing their own negative experiences with Air Canada. Some agreed that the airline had a track record of providing subpar service and shared their plans to avoid booking with them.

Braeden engaged with his fans in the comments and defended his choice of words, stating that he was not restricted by political correctness and adhered to “old-school” standards. He clarified that his frustration was solely with the airline and not with Canada or its people.

In another tweet, he emphasized that he had never taken advantage of his celebrity status and that his criticism was aimed at the company, not the country. He also acknowledged that the poor service extended beyond Air Canada and was a prevalent issue in many privatized companies.

While Braeden did not receive a response from Air Canada, his son’s ordeal adds to the airline’s recent string of customer complaints and negative press. In one incident, a man with disabilities had to drag himself off an Air Canada flight in Las Vegas after the airline failed to provide necessary assistance. Another incident involved Canada’s chief accessibility officer, Stephanie Cadieux, who had her wheelchair forgotten by Air Canada.

Braeden concluded his posts by expressing his love for Canada and the friendly people he encountered during his visits. However, he maintained that Air Canada’s service was not up to par. Global News reached out to Braeden for further comment but has not received a response at the time of publishing.

In September, Air Canada faced backlash when customers were allegedly forced off a plane after refusing to sit in a seat covered in vomit for a more than four-hour flight. These incidents further highlight the mounting customer complaints against the airline.

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