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Enrollment VP SHOCKS Board with INSANE Numbers – You Won’t Believe the Results!

Enrollment VP SHOCKS Board with INSANE Numbers – You Won’t Believe the Results!


Michigan Technological University Enrollment

Highest Fall Enrollment in 40 Years

Michigan Technological University’s fall enrollment has reached its highest level in four decades, according to a recent update presented to the university’s Board of Trustees. The enrollment for the fall semester stood at 7,320, the highest since 1983. This positive outcome reflects the university’s efforts to attract and retain students.

Surge in Applications

Applications have seen a remarkable 143% increase compared to the previous year. This surge includes a significant rise of 46% among admitted students. Notably, the largest percentage increases in applications and admissions came from U.S. residents outside of Michigan, with numbers rising by 58% and 49%, respectively.

Record Retention Rate and Gender Diversity

Michigan Tech also achieved its highest retention rate in the last 15 years, with an impressive rate of 87.6%. In terms of gender diversity, women made up 30% of the enrollment, which marks a significant milestone for the university in terms of inclusivity.

Breaking Academic Records

The incoming students’ grade-point average reached an all-time high of 3.83, which surpasses the national average. This achievement reflects the university’s commitment to academic excellence and the remarkable capabilities of its freshman class.

International Student Outlook

The graduate school has experienced notable increases in applications from countries in North Africa, particularly in the field of environmental data science. While there has been a decline in applications from China, India continues to show consistent growth. However, visa delays and appointment challenges still pose obstacles for international students.

Positive Impact from Finlandia University Closure

Michigan Tech welcomed 38 transfer students from the now-closed Finlandia University, with 12 students joining the new nursing program and another 12 entering the business college. The closure of Finlandia University presented a challenge, but it also provided an opportunity for Michigan Tech to extend its support and offer educational pathways for affected students.

Future Development Plans

The Board of Trustees approved the submission of a five-year state capital outlay plan and capital project request, including a proposal for the Center for Convergence and Innovation. This 110,000-square-foot facility, totaling $87 million in cost, aims to bring together students from the College of Computing and College of Business, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Overall, Michigan Technological University’s exceptional enrollment figures and academic achievements are a testament to its commitment to providing a supportive learning environment and opportunities for growth and success.

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