Home GameZone EA Sports FC 24 Review: Mixed Improvements and Unfortunate Cons—A Must-Read for Gaming Enthusiasts!

EA Sports FC 24 Review: Mixed Improvements and Unfortunate Cons—A Must-Read for Gaming Enthusiasts!

EA Sports FC 24 Review: Mixed Improvements and Unfortunate Cons—A Must-Read for Gaming Enthusiasts!

A New Era Begins for EA Sports FC 24: A Review of the Game

Back in 1993, EA Sports released FIFA International Soccer on the Sega Mega Drive. The game featured national teams with no licensed names, kits, or stadiums. However, it was the beginning of a long-lasting partnership between EA Sports and FIFA. Fast forward to 2023, and EA Sports has decided to part ways with FIFA and go on their own with the release of EA Sports FC 24.

This new era for EA Sports FC 24 brings both excitement and familiarity. The game introduces “HyperMotion Volumetric Technology,” which enhances the players’ movements and animations. For example, the famous footballer Luka Modrić’s hair moves realistically, adding to the overall immersive experience. This motion capture technology not only captures the emotions on the players’ faces but also their unique playing styles.

Each player in the game has specific playstyles that reflect their abilities. These playstyles, such as Whipped Pass, Incisive Pass, and Technical, showcase the players’ strengths and skills. For instance, Kylian Mbappé possesses Rapid, Flair, and Quick Step playstyles, allowing him to explode into locomotion and effortlessly penetrate opposing defenses.

EA Sports FC 24 also introduces new gameplay features like the orbit dribble, which allows players to swivel around the ball without touching it, providing better angles for attack or evasion. The precision pass feature adds extra zip to passes or crosses, resulting in sharper and more accurate deliveries. These additions aim to make the game feel more grounded and realistic.

However, every new entry in the EA Sports series is a response to its predecessor. The developers continuously refine and improve the gameplay mechanics based on player feedback. Though each iteration may have its flaws and strengths, EA Sports FC 24 pushes the boundaries of realism and skill-based gameplay. It may be the best approximation of football EA Sports has created so far, but there’s always anticipation for the next year’s edition.

One of the key features of EA Sports games is the Ultimate Team mode, where players build their dream teams using digital cards and compete online. While this mode can be enjoyable, it has drawn criticism for its resemblance to gambling due to the inclusion of loot boxes. Despite the controversy, EA Sports maintains that players do not have to spend real money and can earn in-game currency through matches. However, the presence of pay-to-win mechanics remains a contentious issue among players.

In addition to Ultimate Team, EA Sports FC 24 offers other modes like Volta Mode, inspired by FIFA Street, and Career Mode, where players can guide their favorite club to glory. These modes provide a variety of gameplay experiences and cater to different preferences.

EA Sports FC 24 is not without its flaws. Some players might find the menus laggy and the squads in Ultimate Team unrealistic. However, the game still manages to deliver an enjoyable football experience, especially for fans who prefer regular teams and more grounded gameplay.

As with previous entries, EA Sports FC 24 presents improvements and problems. It’s a mix of the familiar and the exciting, maintaining the essence of EA Sports’ FIFA games. While the official partnership with FIFA may have ended, EA Sports continues to create and evolve their football game, proving that the constant is not just in the name but in the game itself.

In conclusion, EA Sports FC 24 marks the beginning of a new era for the game developer. The release of this latest entry showcases the advancements in motion capture technology, gameplay features, and game modes. Though not without its controversies and imperfections, EA Sports FC 24 offers an immersive and enjoyable football experience. The game may change year after year, but the dedication to delivering the best FIFA experience remains constant.


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