Home Sports Discover the Ultimate Multi-Sport Haven at Monroe Playfield – Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!

Discover the Ultimate Multi-Sport Haven at Monroe Playfield – Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!

Discover the Ultimate Multi-Sport Haven at Monroe Playfield – Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!

Port Angeles School District Unveils New $1.58 Million Athletic Facility

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at Monroe Playfield in Port Angeles to celebrate the opening of the Port Angeles School District’s new athletic facility. Approximately 125 people attended the event, which took place on a frost-covered turf. The facility, located at the former site of Monroe Elementary School, will provide students and community members with access to high-quality sports fields.

A Long-Awaited Addition

Superintendent Marty Brewer expressed his excitement for the new facility, stating that it was a long time coming for the district. The board established a strategic plan in 2007 to create a playfield on the east side of town, and the community rallied behind the initiative to support the students. Board President Sarah Methner emphasized that the facility will enable local soccer players to compete on par with other teams across the state.

Funding and Features

The $1.58 million facility was funded through the proceeds from the sale of the district’s old administration building and property on Mount Pleasant. Additionally, a windfall of timber dollars eliminated the need to dip into capital levy funds for the project. The multi-purpose field is equipped to support soccer, fastpitch softball, and football. It features heavy-duty shock pads under the turf for a uniform playing surface, increased shock absorbency, and efficient drainage. Unlike other fields, the district will not have to restripe or constantly maintain it.

Year-Round Use and Future Enhancements

Monroe Playfield is designed to be used year-round and is equipped with turf that includes an eight-year repair package. The district plans to install aluminum bleachers for approximately 350 spectators by the end of the year. Additional amenities such as lighting, a concession stand, and restrooms will be added as grant funding becomes available. The field’s ADA-accessible paved path encourages the community to exercise, and benches and picnic tables will be installed along the path.

A Community Asset

The district wants to emphasize that Monroe Playfield is not just for sports but is also a community asset. The field will be open to the public when no games or practices are scheduled, and it is expected to promote active and healthy lifestyles among residents. The recent opening of the facility kicked off with youth soccer games, and the local high school football team will have their practices there leading up to their playoff game.


The Port Angeles School District’s new athletic facility at Monroe Playfield has been met with enthusiasm from the community. With state-of-the-art features and the ability to accommodate various sports, the facility serves as a testament to the district’s commitment to its students and the community’s support.


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