Home Music Discover the Astonishing Journey of Ha Ha Tonka – Iconic Band From Springfield – Unveils Mind-Blowing 6th Studio Album!

Discover the Astonishing Journey of Ha Ha Tonka – Iconic Band From Springfield – Unveils Mind-Blowing 6th Studio Album!

Discover the Astonishing Journey of Ha Ha Tonka – Iconic Band From Springfield – Unveils Mind-Blowing 6th Studio Album!

Ha Ha Tonka Celebrates Release of Sixth Studio Album “BloodRedMoon”

More than two decades ago, Ha Ha Tonka band members Brian Roberts, Lucas Long, and Brett Anderson regularly played at The Abyss, a now-defunct downtown bar. These three musicians were students at Southwest Missouri State University at the time, and they would perform with their band every Wednesday night. Now, with their sixth studio album “BloodRedMoon” released, Ha Ha Tonka is celebrating their journey and success.

The album, consisting of 12 tracks, delves into various themes such as love, loss, parenthood, divorce, the pandemic, and even gun violence. It is the band’s first self-produced and independently released album. Ha Ha Tonka’s music can be described as a unique blend of alternative country, indie Americana, and Ozarks rock.

As part of Drury University’s 150th-anniversary celebration, Ha Ha Tonka will be opening for The Beach Boys at the O’Reilly Family Event Center on November 4th at 6:30 pm. Tickets for the concert can be purchased on the Drury University website, starting at $45.

A DIY Approach: Ha Ha Tonka Produces and Releases “BloodRedMoon” on Their Own

The decision to self-produce and release “BloodRedMoon” was driven by necessity, according to Brian Roberts. After initially signing with Bloodshot Records in Chicago, the label went through internal changes and was later sold to Exceleration Music. Feeling without a home in terms of label support, Ha Ha Tonka decided to finish the album independently.

Work on “BloodRedMoon” started in the fall of 2019, just as Bloodshot Records was undergoing changes. Ha Ha Tonka had been involved in the production and recording process throughout their career, so they decided to take complete control and release the album on their terms.

The band initially worked with Element Recording Studios in Kansas City but had to adapt due to the COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020. Lucas Long and James Cleare, two band members with home recording studios, took charge of much of the recording process. The band also recorded in different locations, including Brian Roberts’ dad’s basement, Lucas Long’s parents’ garage, and even a hotel room in Kansas City.

From Local Bars to Tonka Tuesdays

“Just Like That,” the opening track of “BloodRedMoon,” explores the passage of time, a recurring theme in Ha Ha Tonka’s music. With the band growing older, their perspective on time has evolved, focusing more on memories, people, friends, and children.

Ha Ha Tonka has become more selective with their shows as they mature as a band. They appreciate the support they receive from their fans, friends, and families. The band feels fortunate to continue pursuing their passion for music and cherishes every opportunity to perform.

Band member Brett Anderson reflects on how his journey as a musician parallels his growth as a parent. The pandemic provided a period of reflection, and Anderson appreciates being able to witness his daughter, Ella, develop an admiration for her father’s music. Ella even initiated “Tonka Tuesdays” at her school, where they listen to Ha Ha Tonka’s songs every Tuesday.

Addressing National Tragedy in “BloodRedMoon”

Lucas Long identifies the track “Scattered On The Ground” as a standout song on the album. The song tackles the issue of gun violence, particularly from the perspective of growing up in southwest Missouri, where gun culture is prevalent.

The lyrics resonate with the line “It happened again today, we all knew it would. Never doing anything never does us any good.” The band acknowledges their attachment to guns as heirlooms passed down through generations but emphasizes the pressing need to address the significant problem of gun violence.

Where to Listen to “BloodRedMoon”

“BloodRedMoon” is available for streaming on multiple music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Digital downloads and vinyl can be purchased directly from the Ha Ha Tonka website.

The band offers a “pay what you can” option for digital downloads, allowing fans to choose their preferred amount for the full album, including the bonus track “Mountain of Debt.”

Ha Ha Tonka’s “BloodRedMoon” tour commences on November 2nd at Rose Music Hall in Columbia, Missouri. The band will also perform in West Plains, Springfield, Philadelphia, New York, Vienna, Virginia, Columbus, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Berwyn, Illinois.

Supporters of the band are encouraged to consider purchasing the album directly from Ha Ha Tonka, as it greatly supports the band’s endeavor. The band expresses gratitude for their loyal fans and maintains a humble and appreciative attitude towards their continued musical journey.

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