Home Parenting and Family Critical Alert: Life-Saving Advice for Irish Parents Renting Cars Abroad

Critical Alert: Life-Saving Advice for Irish Parents Renting Cars Abroad

Critical Alert: Life-Saving Advice for Irish Parents Renting Cars Abroad

A Large Number of Irish Parents Still Opt to Rent Car Seats Abroad Despite High Costs

A recent study has revealed that many Irish parents are willing to pay a high price to rent a child or baby seat from a car rental company when traveling abroad.

Expensive Yet Popular Choice

The study, conducted by carhireexcess.ie, involved 327 Irish adults sharing their experiences of renting a car seat with their rental vehicle. Surprisingly, the findings showed that 87% of Irish parents still choose to rent a car seat from the car rental company, despite acknowledging the high cost.

Overpriced and Inconvenient

Although 83% of participants agreed that the cost of renting a car seat is “overpriced,” one-third of Irish holidaymakers still plan to rent a car seat for their next trip. However, 48% of respondents stated that they intend to bring their own car seat on future holidays, and 5% even plan on purchasing a new car seat at the destination.

The Cost of Renting

Renting a car seat from a car rental company can be quite expensive. Prices typically start at €84 per week and can increase to €103.32 during peak season.

Concerns Over Safety and Condition

Many car rental staff are not adequately trained in fitting car seats or familiar with regulations. This raises concerns about the safety and suitability of rented car seats. Christian Bennett of Carhireexcess.ie emphasizes that it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that the chosen seat is appropriate for the child’s age and size, as well as correctly fitted. Instances of unavailable seats in the correct size, or seats being dirty or in disrepair, have been reported, further compromising safety.

Passenger Airlines and Third-Party Rental Companies

Passenger airlines such as Aer Lingus and Ryanair often allow passengers to bring infant equipment, including car seats, free of charge. This offers a more convenient and potentially safer alternative for Irish parents traveling with young children. Additionally, third-party rental companies like The Stork Exchange, located at Dublin Airport and other airports, provide another option for those who prefer not to bring their own car seat.

Considering Local Rules and Budget

It is crucial for Irish holidaymakers to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations regarding car seats in their chosen travel destination. Laws may vary, so complying with local rules is essential. Furthermore, for those considering renting other extras like SatNav along with a car seat, the total cost can exceed €270 per week.


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