Home News and Politics Breaking News: Israel Plunged into Chaos as Hamas Unleashes Unforeseen Attack from Gaza!

Breaking News: Israel Plunged into Chaos as Hamas Unleashes Unforeseen Attack from Gaza!

Breaking News: Israel Plunged into Chaos as Hamas Unleashes Unforeseen Attack from Gaza!

Hamas Launches Major Attack on Israel, Killing Over 20 People

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group, has carried out its biggest attack on Israel in years, resulting in the deaths of more than 20 people. The attack, which caught Israel by surprise, involved gunmen infiltrating Israeli towns and a barrage of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has confirmed fighting with militants in several Israeli towns and military bases near Gaza, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to retaliate, stating that Israel is at war and will emerge victorious.

Israeli Casualties and Response

According to Israel’s ambulance service, at least 22 Israelis have been killed in the attack, with over 250 wounded. The toll is expected to rise. In response, the Israeli military has launched air strikes into Gaza, resulting in heavy explosions and at least two deaths. This attack marks an unprecedented infiltration by Hamas gunmen into Israel from Gaza and represents a significant escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gun Battles and Tense Situation

Israeli media has reported gun battles between Palestinian fighters and security forces in towns in southern Israel. The police chief of Israel has stated that there are “21 active scenes” in southern Israel, indicating the extent of the attack. People in Gaza have rushed to buy supplies in anticipation of prolonged conflict, with some evacuating their homes and seeking shelter. Hamas military commander Mohammad Deif has declared the start of the operation, calling on Palestinians everywhere to fight and stating that 5,000 rockets have been launched.

Political Context and Reactions

The timing of this attack is significant, occurring amidst surging violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in the West Bank. It also comes at a time of political turmoil in Israel, with deep divisions over judiciary reforms and ongoing negotiations for normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah has expressed support for the Hamas operation, viewing it as a response to Israel’s continued occupation. Palestinian media reports indicate that Israeli soldiers have been captured, and Hamas has circulated videos claiming to show bodies of Israeli soldiers and destroyed Israeli tanks.

Ongoing Developments and Israel’s 50th Anniversary of the 1973 War

As the situation continues to develop, armed clashes have been reported along the separation fence with Israel near the southern town of Khan Younis in Gaza, along with significant movement of armed fighters. Israel’s ambulance service has dispatched teams to areas near Gaza, and residents have been warned to stay indoors. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad group has announced its support for Hamas in this attack. Meanwhile, in Gaza, residents are expressing disbelief at the successful infiltration into Israel. The attack coincided with Israel’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1973 war, in which the country was nearly defeated in a surprise attack by Syria and Egypt.


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