Home Business and Economy BlackRock Sounds Alarm: Growing Investor Disdain Endangers Green Transition and Mining Industry!

BlackRock Sounds Alarm: Growing Investor Disdain Endangers Green Transition and Mining Industry!

BlackRock Sounds Alarm: Growing Investor Disdain Endangers Green Transition and Mining Industry!

Investor Reticence Risks Starving Mining Sector of Capital, Warns BlackRock

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has cautioned that the reluctance of investors to support the mining sector could lead to a shortage of vital metals needed for green technologies, thereby hindering the energy transition. Evy Hambro, global head of thematic and sector-based investing at BlackRock, emphasized the importance of funding flowing into the industry to ensure an adequate supply of materials for products such as wind turbines, electric cars, and power grids. Hambro urged investors to give the sector a chance, stating that the energy transition would be impeded without sufficient materials.

Despite the mining sector’s record profits and the anticipation of increased demand for metals like copper, iron ore, and nickel, investors remain disinterested. Mining companies, including BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Anglo American, and Vale, have significantly lower valuation multiples compared to the S&P 500. Hambro pointed out the valuation gap and emphasized that the renewable power and electric vehicle industries depend on the upstream mining sector.

Evy Hambro
Evy Hambro, BlackRock’s global head of thematic and sector-based investing, warned that the energy transition was at risk from the scarcity of materials.

Executives in the mining sector complain of high capital costs, making it challenging to develop projects despite falling commodity prices. The industry’s contribution to decarbonizing the global economy and its efforts to reduce emissions have often been overlooked by investors adopting environmental, social, and governance investment frameworks. However, Hambro, who co-manages the BlackRock World Mining Trust, believes that the sector will undergo a re-rating as perceptions change.

Historically, investors have been cautious about the mining sector due to its cyclical nature and previous financial challenges. To regain trust, mining CEOs have prioritized financial discipline and reduced capital expenditure on developing new supply. Nonetheless, BlackRock recently warned that the demand for metals needed for the transition to a green economy has been greatly underestimated.


Investor reticence towards the mining sector risks impeding the energy transition by creating shortages of crucial metals. BlackRock emphasizes the need for funding in the industry to support the production of materials for green technologies. While mining companies have achieved record profits, they still face low valuation multiples, discouraging investment. The sector’s role in decarbonization and its disciplined approach to capital expenditure should be recognized. According to BlackRock, the demand for metals in the shift towards a green economy will surpass current estimates. Overcoming the challenges and investing in the mining sector is imperative to ensure a successful energy transition.


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