Home Auto-Moto Alpine A110S Review: Discover Why the Hype is Justified

Alpine A110S Review: Discover Why the Hype is Justified

Alpine A110S Review: Discover Why the Hype is Justified

Car Companies That Successfully Replicate Iconic Models

Car companies often strive to capture the essence of their iconic models from the past and replicate their success with new models. However, it is truly remarkable when these attempts result in a new model that surpasses or equals the original. Renault accomplished just that when they decided to revive the legendary Alpine A110.

Recognizing the Iconic Status of the Alpine A110

The Alpine A110 of the past was an undeniably iconic car, but it was plagued by fragility, unreliability, and temperamental behavior. When Renault introduced the new A110 in 2017, they wisely opted to utilize proven technology from the Megane RS280, such as the excellent 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo engine. This decision allowed them to maintain the recognizable design cues of the original while ensuring a more reliable and modern driving experience.

A Dream Come True – Driving the Alpine A110

For car enthusiasts in New Zealand, the Alpine A110 seemed like an elusive dream as it was never sold in the country. However, an unexpected opportunity arose when Todd Pearce, co-founder of the Pearce Brothers car dealerships and distributor of Morgan vehicles, offered a chance to drive a stunning blue A110S. This exciting opportunity was met with an enthusiastic “yes.”

Simple yet Refreshing Design

The Alpine A110 features a stripped-back interior design that focuses on the essentials. While it does offer a touchscreen infotainment system, it is a familiar one also found in cars of lesser standing, like the Suzuki Swift. The steering wheel and center console house simple controls, with three buttons dedicated to transmission functions and a giant red starter button. The absence of excessive buttons and large touchscreens is a refreshing departure from the current trend in vehicle interiors.

Thrilling Performance and Astonishing Acceleration

Despite its unassuming appearance, the Alpine A110S surprises with its breathtaking performance. The upgraded lightweight version introduced in 2019 boasts stiffer suspension, improved brakes, a lower ride height, and increased power. This combination results in a constant and thrilling acceleration that is accompanied by an intoxicating engine roar. The precise and responsive nature of the A110S allows drivers to push the car harder with each corner, delivering an exhilarating driving experience comparable to the Porsche Cayman.

A Sports Car for Everyday Use

Although the Alpine A110S is a high-performance sports car, it remains remarkably practical for daily use. Its low and crawling ride height may be a minor inconvenience, but it compensates with easy drivability and a refined low-speed ride. The cabin offers adequate room, and while storage space is limited, the dual boots at the front and rear provide ample luggage capacity. This makes the A110S a versatile option for both thrilling drives and everyday tasks like grocery shopping.

A True Modern Classic

The Alpine A110S successfully blends the timeless charm of its predecessor with modern reliability and convenience, ultimately becoming a modern classic in its own right. Its addictive thrills on winding roads and the remarkable combination of performance and comfort make it a truly remarkable sports car.


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