Home Pets 7 Jaw-Dropping Open Enrollment Hacks Revealed: On Your Side Podcast Will Blow Your Mind!

7 Jaw-Dropping Open Enrollment Hacks Revealed: On Your Side Podcast Will Blow Your Mind!

7 Jaw-Dropping Open Enrollment Hacks Revealed: On Your Side Podcast Will Blow Your Mind!

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — On Your Side is always working to warn people about the different tactics bad guys are using to steal money and information. Today we’re talking with Brian Watson on the On Your Side podcast. He’s a retired special agent with the IRS’ Criminal Investigation and now he works with an organization called ROSE which stands for “Resources and Outreach to Safeguard the Elderly.”

We’ll talk about scam losses, the things most scams have in common. And the schemes you may never see coming, particularly for senior citizens.


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Despite How Much Money You Have, Estate Planning is Crucial: October is National Estate Planning month, which may be more important than you think. It’s a time when individuals and families are reminded of the importance of creating or maintaining a trust or will. One myth is that you have to be wealthy or have a substantial real estate portfolio in order to have a will or trust. But nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, if you have minor children then a trust or will is extremely important. On this episode, Mitch Mitchell joins us on the On Your Side Podcast. He’s a lawyer for a company called Trust & Will. He explains everything you need to know about estate planning, pitfalls to avoid, and how much it will cost.

Making the right decisions for your annual open enrollment: October here is here already and that means it’s time to make sure you enroll in health insurance and everything else that goes with it for 2024. We’re talking life insurance, hospital indemnity plans, disability. It can all be overwhelming. For instance, should you go with a high-deductible policy and if so, what are the risks? Remember, the decisions you make now will be in place for all of 2024. To break it all down and to figure out what’s right for you, we’re talking to Darin Reeser, who’s with Securian Financial. He’ll help all those hard to make decisions a little more understandable before you officially sign up.

Smart TVs are getting even smarter: Today we’re talking about smart TVs. Of course, we flip of the TV to stream our favorite movies, shows and sports. But the latest TV technology could also help us stay healthy with access to telehealth and virtual clinics. Our guest today is Patrick Pannett. He is the Director of Industry Communications with the Consumer Technology Association. He’s going to help guide us through smart TV technology that’s available now and what’s on the horizon. We’ll also talk about what TV shoppers can expect this holiday season. And we’ll get a little inside information about the Consumer Electronic Show coming up in January 2024, where all of the latest and greatest consumer electronics will be on display.

What your pets eat may keep them out of the animal hospital: Sixty-eight percent of American households own a pet, and many of them are of course dogs and cats. But owning a pet comes with added expenses. Vaccinations, healthcare and unexpected visits to the vet all add up quickly. And one of the number one reasons owners have to take their pets for an emergency vet visit has to do with eating something they’re not supposed to eat. Today, Dr. Ricky Walther joins us on the On Your Side podcast. He’s a veterinarian and Chief Medical Officer for Pawlicy Advisor. He tells us what you should and shouldn’t feed your pets and other little secrets to keep them out of the emergency room.

Spotting Fake Online Reviews: When it comes to finding a good restaurant, a caring doctor or maybe even a talented contractor, consumers have learned to rely on Internet reviews. But how legitimate are those reviews and more importantly, can you really trust what they all say? The answer is “no” because many of the reviews we read are “fake,” put on the Internet to reel in new customers. Today, Kay Dean joins us on the On Your Side podcast. She’s a former federal criminal investigator who currently has a YouTube channel called Fake Review Watch. She tells us how to spot fake reviews and what to do if you come across one.

Avoiding the Most Common Adoption Scams: For all parents, the path to parenthood is unique, and for many families, it includes adoption. It can be an emotional process. And now scammers are preying on people who desperately want a child. Today, Nicole Witt joins us on the On Your Side podcast. She is the executive director of the adoption consultancy – and the host of ‘adopting! The podcast’ helping families who want to adopt with education, information, and guidance. She’ll reveal several common scams, like the phantom birth mother scam. What you need to know to protect your family.

Getting a hold of student loan debt using the new SAVE program: Student loan payments have been on hold for years. But they’re back beginning in October. At the same time, millions of borrowers are enrolling in a new income-driven student loan repayment plan called “SAVE,” which is reducing monthly student loan bills. It may feel complicated, so today Robert Farringdon joins us on the On Your Side podcast. He’s the founder of ‘The College Investor’ and calls himself “America’s millennial money expert.” The company’s mission is to help people get a grip on student loan debt using SAVE and to begin building wealth at the same time. He’s helping us navigate the new SAVE program, how it works, and who qualifies. We’ll also talk about life after student loans.

Earning Artificial Intelligence Certificates Will Help Job Seekers: Like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. We have self-driving cars, smart assistants, manufacturing robots and countless other examples of machines acting like humans. Artificial intelligence is already available in hundreds of different industries and it’s only a matter of time before the number starts to increase. So, don’t get left behind in the world of AI. Colleges are starting to introduce AI classes to prep students for the next generation. On this episode, Juanita Sorrano from edX is on the On Your Side podcast. edX is an online platform founded by Harvard and MIT to help students immerse themselves into learning artificial intelligence and to earn certificates which always looks good when looking for a job.

Getting the maximum return for your remodeling investment: The real estate market across the nation, including here in Phoenix, has really slowed down due to higher interest rates and low inventory. So, if you’re even thinking of trying to sell your home, what can you do to get it SOLD? Well, you want to set your home apart from your competition and that includes updating your house. Olivia Mariani from Curbio joins us on the On Your Side podcast. She tells us about a new method of updating your home and how to get the most return for your investment.

Be prepared for unforeseen layoffs: This has not been a good year for American workers, as more than a quarter million people were shown the door after getting laid off. The tech industry was hurt the most with big companies like Facebook and Zoom laying off thousands. Unfortunately, many of those affected didn’t see it coming and were financially unprepared. Today, we’re talking to Stewart Willis. He’s a financial expert with Asset Preservation Wealth and Tax, and he explains how you can be financially prepared in case the unexpected happens.

How ticket bots are impacting air travel: Have you ever heard of an airline offering super cheap airfare, but once you try to buy those tickets, they are all gone? There’s a reason they get gobbled up so fast, and it’s not because some consumers are quicker to react. On this episode, we’re talking to Jesper Essendrop, the CEO of Queue-It. He reveals the results of his investigation into how bots are making things more difficult for travelers.

More weddings this year despite increasing costs: It’s estimated that a little over 2 million weddings will take place here in the United States by the end of the year. That’s significantly higher than the past three years. And while more weddings are taking place, the price tag for the big day has skyrocketed. In fact, a whopping $29,000 is the national average cost for a wedding. Ann Kaplan joins us on this On Your Side podcast. She’s a finance and wedding expert and she explains the reasons behind the increase in wedding costs and what couples can do to bring the price down.

Kids and cleaning: When you send your kid off to college, are they ready to clean? Do they know how often to clean, or how to wash their bedding? According to a new survey, a lot of parents aren’t so sure, and neither are their college-bound kids. On this episode, we’re talking to Brian Sansoni, a cleaning expert and the Senior Vice President of Communications, Outreach, and Membership at the American Cleaning Institute. We discuss the basics to make sure everyone is mastering essential cleaning habits.

Too many real estate agents hurting the industry: If you’re on the house hunt, you know the real estate market is competitive. Turns out, it’s competitive for real estate agents, too. A new report by the Consumer Federation of America shows there are too many real estate agents for too few home sales. And it is coming at a cost to consumers. On the On Your Side podcast, we are chatting with Steven Brobeck, the author of the report. He’s the senior fellow at the nonprofit consumer research and advocacy group and tells us why too many real estate agents are hurting the industry.

Creating an AI-friendly resume: Are you looking for a job and you feel like you’re not getting a lot of interest from potential employers? Well, it may be that your resume isn’t AI friendly. Artificial Intelligence is weeding out job candidates based on certain words that may or may not be in your resume. But don’t worry, you can turn that resume around. Today, we’re talking to Jeremy Schiff. He’s the CEO of RecruitBot, which is a hiring platform that matches employers with job candidates. He explains what you can do to keep your resume from being rejected by AI.

Summer Vacation Tips: Summer is officially here. And by now, you may have some bored kids out of school for summer vacation. So, on this episode, we’re chatting with one of our favorite money-saving moms. Her name is Andrea Woroch, and she tells us how to help salvage summer fun without breaking the bank, whether you’re home or away on vacation.

1% down payment mortgages: It’s hard to keep up with the real estate market these days. One month, it seems housing prices are falling. The next month, prices are creeping up. A lot of it has to do with interest rates that the fed has increased 10 straight times in a little over a year. Another factor is where you live. So, some lenders have come up with something called the 1-percent mortgage. Today, we’re talking to Jeff Ostrowski. He’s with Bankrate.com for more than two decades and he’s a real estate expert. He says 1-percent mortgages are a clever way lenders are getting potential homebuyers into the market. But there are pros and cons you need to know about.

Inside Google Trends: How often are you Googling for answers? On this episode, we’re talking with Bailey Tomson, a Google Trends expert. We’ll go behind the scenes of some of the most recent trends that have millions searching like how much to tip and what we’re dreaming about.

New graduates should be aware of fake job offers: Graduation is here, not only for college students but high school students as well. But looking for job opportunities after leaving school can be ripe with scams. Fake job postings, phony offers, and high pay are all techniques that scammers use to lure unsuspecting job seekers down a road to financial loss and big disappointment. So, today Kevin Roundy joins us on the On Your Side podcast. He’s a tech expert with Norton-LifeLock and specializes in computer security, privacy, and identity protection. He tells us all the tricks scammers use to attract job seekers and more importantly, he tells us how not to become a victim.

Getting the best customer service: Is AI killing customer service? On this episode, we’re talking with Micah Solomon, a customer service expert and author of several books including “Ignore Your Customers (and They’ll Go


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