Home Health and Fitness 10 Mind-Blowing Secrets You Won’t Believe About the Gaza Conflict! The Latest News Will Leave You Speechless!

10 Mind-Blowing Secrets You Won’t Believe About the Gaza Conflict! The Latest News Will Leave You Speechless!

10 Mind-Blowing Secrets You Won’t Believe About the Gaza Conflict! The Latest News Will Leave You Speechless!

Gaza Official: Children’s Hospital Repeatedly Targeted in Attacks

Dr. Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesperson for the Gaza Ministry of Health, announced that the Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital in Gaza City is under repeated attack.

He called on the United Nations and the International Committee to be present in the hospitals and protect them, as well as create space for ambulances to evacuate the wounded.

Dr. Mustafa Al-Kahlot, director of the hospital, shared that Al-Nasr had been bombed twice, causing significant damage, cutting off oxygen and electricity in the intensive care units.

He added, “The situation is very bad. We are trapped inside the hospital. Ambulances cannot reach us.”

The situation on the ground could not be independently verified.

Israeli Authorities Announce Humanitarian Corridor

Israeli authorities have established a limited-time humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians out of Gaza City.

The corridor will be open daily between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., allowing civilians to move southward to safer areas.

Israel has been providing humanitarian corridors since the weekend and will continue to do so on a daily basis.

Netanyahu: Israel Does Not Seek to Occupy Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel does not seek to occupy Gaza, but rather aims to give both Gaza and Israel a better future.

He emphasized the need to defeat Hamas in order to achieve this future, setting goals but not specifying a timetable for the current conflict.

Israel occupied Gaza from 1967 to 2005 and later imposed a blockade when Hamas took control in 2007.

The plans for the Gaza Strip after the war remain uncertain.

Israeli Military Targets Senior Hamas Commanders

The Israel Defense Forces reported killing several senior Hamas commanders, including those involved in recent terror attacks.

Among those killed were Hamas company commander Ahmed Musa, platoon commander Omar Al-Hindi, and head of the sniper array Mohammed Kahlout.

Israel has named the killing of senior Hamas commanders, release of hostages, and demilitarization of Hamas as objectives of its war campaign.

The information could not be independently verified.

UN Calls for Cease-Fire and Protection of Civilians

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called for an urgent cease-fire in the Israeli-Hamas conflict and the protection of civilians.

He emphasized the need to deliver essential goods to those in need, release hostages, and find a sustainable solution to the situation in Gaza.

The UN has expressed serious concerns about attacks on hospitals and the high number of civilian casualties.

Israel maintains that it does not target civilians and aims to demilitarize Hamas.

Turkey Discusses Increasing Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Turkey has discussed the possibility of increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza with the United States.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed increasing the number of aid trucks to at least 500 per day.

Turkey has been critical of Israel’s response to the conflict and called for a ceasefire.

Erdogan emphasized the need for concrete steps to stop the violence and support the Palestinian people.

Hospitals in Gaza City Targeted in Strikes

Hospitals in Gaza City have been targeted in Israeli airstrikes, resulting in major damage and a shortage of essential resources.

The Israeli military has been accused of conducting simultaneous raids on a number of hospitals, posing a major humanitarian crisis.

Concerns have been raised about the safety of civilians and the destruction of civilian objects.

Conditions in Gaza’s hospitals are described as disastrous, with a lack of food, water, energy, and medical supplies.

The situation on the ground cannot be independently verified.

Iran Denies Involvement in Attacks against U.S. Forces

Iran denies ordering attacks against U.S. forces in the region and states that it coordinates with resistance groups but does not directly involve itself in their operations.

Iran emphasizes its support for Hamas, Houthi rebels, Hezbollah, and the Syrian government, but says it does not intend to expand the conflict.

The involvement of these groups in attacks against Israel has been attributed to Iran.

Israeli Military Strikes Syrian Organization

The Israeli military struck an organization in Syria that launched a drone attack on the Israeli city of Eilat.

The organization responsible for the attack was not named, but the Israeli military holds the Syrian regime fully responsible for such activities.

Israel has been engaged in conflicts with neighboring countries, including Yemen and Lebanon.

The situation on the ground could not be independently verified.

Israeli Military Criticizes Hamas’ Use of Civilian Clothes and Sites

The Israeli military criticizes Hamas for using civilian garments and facilities, blurring the lines between civilians and military positions.

They highlight the abuse of civilian facilities and the absence of a clear distinction between military and civilian targets.

The situation on the ground has raised concerns about the accuracy of casualty counts.

The Israeli military questions whether civilian deaths include Hamas operatives dressed in civilian clothing.

UN Launches Humanitarian Appeal for Palestinian Territories

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees has launched a $481 million humanitarian appeal for the occupied Palestinian territories.

The funding aims to address the pressing humanitarian needs in Gaza and the West Bank.

UNRWA calls for a cease-fire and increased humanitarian aid to alleviate the dire situation for civilians.

Conditions in Gaza are described as colossal, with urgent need for essential supplies and resources.

Explosion Hits Israeli Red Sea City, Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Claim Responsibility

An explosion caused by a drone occurred in the Red Sea city of Eilat, with no reported injuries.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for firing ballistic missiles at Israeli targets.

This marks one of several attacks against southern Israel by the Houthi rebels since the start of the conflict.

No Aid Reaches North Gaza, U.S. Official Says

A U.S. official states that there is currently no way for aid to reach civilians in the northern part of Gaza.

Efforts are being made to improve aid delivery in central and southern Gaza, but the situation in the north remains dire.

Agreements are being worked out to provide a way for wounded individuals to be moved from the north.

The number of people still in northern Gaza is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

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