Home Personal Finance 10 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Won’t Believe That’ll Sell Diamonds Like Hotcakes this Holiday Season!

10 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Won’t Believe That’ll Sell Diamonds Like Hotcakes this Holiday Season!

10 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Won’t Believe That’ll Sell Diamonds Like Hotcakes this Holiday Season!

Experts Share Best Tips for Selling Diamonds During the Holiday Season

Ask this key question before showing diamonds

James “Jimmy” DeGroot, a professional jewelry sales trainer, stresses the importance of understanding customer preferences. Asking, “What’s important to you in a diamond?” is crucial to establish a connection with the customer and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Instead of showing every diamond, guide the customer through the process by asking relevant questions.

Educate customers at the counter

Pat Henneberry, known as the “Jewelry Coach,” emphasizes the need for salespeople to share their expertise and educate customers. With abundant information online, customers often have misconceptions. Sales associates should explain the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds, including their value, to help customers make informed choices.

Customers seek guidance from jewelers

Mark Klein, Vice President of wholesaler Julius Klein Diamonds, highlights the importance of providing expert opinions and personalized experiences to customers. Customers visit physical stores for professional assistance and guidance. By gathering clear information from customers, jewelers can meet their needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Focus on benefits, not just price

Peter Smith, a sales expert and author, advises against overly focusing on price. While the affordability of lab-grown diamonds may be tempting, experienced salespeople understand that there is much more to consider. Understanding customer desires and preferences allows salespeople to match the right product to their needs. Limiting choices and showing options at different price points can enhance the customer experience.

Engagement ring purchases require research

Klein recommends customers look at rings of friends or family members who recently got engaged to gauge expectations. Keeping in mind personal style and values, this practice can guide customers toward the right choice and increase their satisfaction.

Ask for the sale confidently

Smith emphasizes the power of asking for the sale assertively. Studies show that customers are more likely to say yes when asked in a confident manner. Talented salespeople prioritize customer service and do not fear rejection. They understand the value of inspiring customers to spend more and avoid pricing concerns that could lead to customer regret.

Storytelling creates connections

Henneberry believes in the power of storytelling to engage customers. Sharing stories about famous natural diamonds, such as the Hope Diamond, evokes a sense of wonder and history. Natural diamonds are associated with tradition and sentimental value, while ethical sourcing practices can be a selling point. Highlighting unique characteristics of natural diamonds adds to their charm.

Be transparent about trade-ins and buybacks

De Groot advises being honest about guarantees and future value, particularly for lab-grown diamonds. Stores often have customers sign receipts acknowledging the uncertainty of their future value. While natural diamond prices also fluctuate, their stability should be emphasized. It is essential to inform customers about store policies on trades and buybacks before their purchase.


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